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  • Local Web Designer Near Me

    5 Web Designing Trend – Local Web Designer for Business Website

    In today’s time, the world has shrunk a lot, where communication is not an issue anymore. For me as I am always your “website designer near me” for any website consultation related to designing or re-designing of your website. Post-deployment, if you want I can also assist you with SEO or Digital Marketing solutions. Client references can also be provided …

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  • Healthcare-Industry-ORM

    Online Reputation Management Strategy for Healthcare Industry

    Online Reputation Management (ORM) is an intangible resource to grow the brand and reputation of your business. With the growing advancements in technology and the rising competitive market, even the Healthcare industry is incorporating various Digital Marketing Strategies.

    It has become really difficult to manage Brand Reputation as the traditional approach or the usual ORM strategies aren’t quite effective. The easy …

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  • Business Website Marketing Tool

    Know How to Turn Your Business Website into an Effective Marketing Tool

    Marketing and communication go hand in hand. Marketing cannot be effective without proper communication. If a business website does not communicate about itself effectively to the target audience, it won’t able to market its services. Though marketing is the main objective, it is conducted through different communication channels, including ‘About Us’ page, ‘Contact Us’ page, service pages, case studies, white …

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  • Significance-of-Web-Presence-for-Healthcare-Industry

    Significance of Web Presence for Healthcare Industry

    The world relies on the internet for any kind of help and so it has become very common for us to see how the health care industry has infused itself into the world of digital marketing. As more and more health care professionals are embracing online presence by building their Healthcare Websites, the role of web development for the healthcare …

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  • How to managing your brand reputation

    Online Branding: How to managing your brand reputation

    If you are a part of Digital Marketing Service then you can easily relate to Online Branding. Well, it is known to all that the first step to Digital Marketing Service is to create an Online Brand Reputation. However, one of the biggest mistakes that can lead to complete failure is improper Brand Management. Brand Reputation Management is extremely important …

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  • Online-Presence-for-ENT-and-Allergy-Doctors-or-Physicians

    Online Presence for ENT and Allergy Doctors or Physicians

    Online presence of ENT and Allergy Physician has become very common these days. Although it might be thought of to be true that doctors don’t need online promotion as there are always patients in need of doctor but that isn’t the case anymore. There are a lot of companies who are specifically involved in web development and have specialization in …

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  • Role-of-Digital-Marketing-for-Personal-Branding

    Role of Digital Marketing for Personal Branding

    If you are an online entrepreneur then Personal Branding is one thing that you should be considering. Personal Branding is a concept which will help you create a corporate identity for yourself in the target market by promoting your name and brand. Personal Branding can have a huge impact on your business growth.

    Digital Marketing is an important tool that shall …

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  • web-strategy

    How to work out Your Web Presence Strategy

    If you are a part of the Digital Market, you must know about Web Presence Strategy as it plays a major role in your success. A perfect Web Presence Strategy is required to boost your online visibility. Your brand appearance and online strategies are necessary to create a wonderful first impression on your customers. While you are unavailable, your site …

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  • Website Redesign Best Practices and Checklist

    How to Approach Your Website Redesign Process – Best Practices and Checklist

    Website Redesign is a vital part of any Digital Marketing process. If you want your business to flourish then you definitely need to consider redesigning your website at some point of time to be in pace with the constant evolution of the market.

    Every now and then new technologies are coming up that can simplify the process of website Redesign. However, …

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  • website rebranding strategy dbanerjee

    May be it’s time to re-brand your website? – Website re-branding strategy

    As we all know, everything changes with time. This is quite applicable to every facet of our lives and even for Digital or Online Marketing. Rebranding is necessary to keep in pace with the constant evolution of the market place. The concept of Re-Branding is of utmost importance for any small company or big corporate organization.

    The thought of re-branding can give …

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  • Web Design Trends 2018

    Web Design Trends in 2019 for Business Websites: A Quick Guide

    I believe in designing and developing cutting-edge, high-quality websites keeping pace with current and upcoming trends. Undeniably, website design and development is a dynamic field. Out of my passion for web design trends in 2019, I make sure that your business website stays up-to-date and trendy in both design and functionality. 2019 will be about the simple interface, …

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  • Business Website

    Know why Your Business Website is losing traffic and how to prevent It

    A website is the first impression of your brand and business online. Whether a prospect will be converted into a customer from the first click to the contact page or payment gateway is a matter of a few minutes, which can be hindered for small reasons or the lack of minute details. No matter how much you have spent …

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