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  • Content Marketing for Brand Awareness, Lead Generation

    Content Marketing for Brand Awareness, Lead Generation & Customer Engagement

    Content marketing serves a number of purposes such as lead generation, sales, brand awareness, customer engagement, customer retention and leads nurturing. Each of these purposes is a business goal which a particular type of content helps to achieve. These days, content marketing is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. Rather it is a collection of several different efforts.

    Lead generation is …

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  • Role of Social Networking in Branding across Social Media Platforms

    Branding is a holistic approach to reach out to the target audience, connect with them, get products known, build brand image, and create and manage market reputation. Branding activities were limited to electronic media before digital media took the world by storm. Electronic media-based branding, mostly in form of advertising, was not instantly measurable in terms of outcomes, which social …

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  • How to Plan Content Marketing Strategy for Blogs

    Your company blog is the voice and face of your business to the target audience. Blogging has come a long way and become more challenging over years. Just writing and publishing content for the blog does not help to reach the content marketing goals for your company these days. A well-planned content marketing strategy is required. I have discussed …

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  • ENT-Content-Marketing-Trends

    Content Marketing Trends for ENT Clinics in New Jersey and New York

    Data-backed Content Marketing
    Why should people trust your ENT clinic with their health? The possible and common answers are market reputation and authority. Reputation can be built or achieved only by virtue of good treatment, patients’ feedback and word of mouth. But authority? Authority can be established or developed through data-based or backed content marketing.

    Case study, white paper, and infographic …

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  • ENT-Clinics-Content-Marketing

    Step by Step Content Marketing for ENT Clinics in New York and New Jersey

    The days of traditional search engine optimization is gone long back. Content marketing is the present sophisticated and updated version of off page optimization, a consistent effort, which helps to keep a website up in Google. There are different approaches to content marketing for different businesses or sectors. Here is a brief guide on how to do content marketing …

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  • ENT-Website-SEO

    Rebranding for Better SEO: Dos and Don’ts for ENT Clinics in USA

    A rebranding of a business website may make or break the SEO profile of the website in its target geo-specific market. Rebranding requires a lot of deliberation in connection with SEO rankings of a website. The purpose of rebranding will be best served if the SEO value remains the same. Here are a few suggestions regarding rebranding for …

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  • Web-Design-for-Corporate-Branding

    Role of Website Designing and Online Marketing in Corporate Branding

    Branding is no more limited to designing a logo, banner, letterhead, etc. in current times of digital marketing. It has got a wider and more comprehensive definition. Though the usual aspects of branding are the same, the execution takes a lot more than before. Digital branding mainly comprises website design and online marketing. Here is a brief …

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  • Responsive-Web-Design-New-York

    Responsive Web Design – Why Is It Important?

    With the rapid evolution of technologies, it has become critical for businesses to stay ahead of the curve if they want to keep getting customers. After all, newer technologies are more convenient and customers want that convenience and the other potential benefits that those technologies can bring. This is just one of the reasons why many companies in North America …

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  • content marketing trend

    4 Content Marketing Trends for Startups in United States

    The days of producing loads of content for search engine optimization, blogging, social media, and email marketing are gradually coming to an end. The time ahead is the time for creating smart, strategic content for marketing and branding. Content marketing has started ruling the roost even for startups in the USA. Here’s is a brief discussion of four content marketing …

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  • Technical-Website-SEO

    Technical SEO: Four Important Factors for Website Ranking and Performance

    Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for website ranking, content performance, user experience, and traffic growth. What most of us mean or understand by technical SEO is a number of most common on-page practices like H tags, Meta tags, image tags, URLs, etc. Apart from these simple things, there are many technical aspects of on-page SEO which many …

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  • Useful-SEO-Tips

    Useful SEO Tips from the Changing Scenario of Search Engine Optimization

    SEO is an evolving and changing phenomenon like every other thing. For instance, the purpose of using keywords is far greater than mere desire of improving a website’s organic rankings in Google. I am sharing a few useful tips from the changing scenario of Search engine optimization so that you can update your SEO checklist accordingly.
    Fast-loading Websites are Trustworthy Ones
    Needless …

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  • Useful-SEO-Tips

    How to Create Mobile-friendly Reading Experience for Your Audience

    Only a responsive design is not enough to ensure the best mobile-friendly user experience. A responsive website is truly responsive only if not just its design but also the content is optimized for mobile devices. If a site adapts to the screen size of a mobile device but the content goes out of proportions, it will not appeal to …

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