Interaction Design: All You Need to Know

Interaction Design

Interaction design refers to the best practices of design for highly interactive websites. A website cannot convincingly convey the message to the audience and persuade them to take an informed decision unless it is interactive. Researchers of visual marketing & communication emphasize that websites with interactive features are more active and persuasive than those with non-interactive features. It is fun browsing interactive websites which create a positive impression of the business and make the audience cultivate a positive attitude towards the business.

Interaction design is an ever-evolving practice in the visual marketing & communication niche. Though the fundamentals remain the same, its consistent evolution helps to survive and stand out in competition. It goes hand in hand with the latest web design technology. Gone are the days when a little animation used to be a feature of interaction. In present times, interaction design is all about sophistication and refinement, which is achieved through high quality visual design skills.

Engagement is the main purpose of interaction design. It has always been there and will be there irrespective of current trends and times. With new functionalities, interaction design evolves through different versions of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and lots more. These days, interactivity of a website is not limited to photo gallery, internal links or navigation. Undeniably, these are must-have features. However, today the execution of interaction design requires a more creative approach. Usability, goal, visual quality and response time are the pillars of interactivity design. Each of these pillars is linked to the other.

With these pillars in place, a website can be designed in several different ways for the better. Every business or non-business website has a goal which can be achieved if the design is focused on interaction with target audience. A website with goal-driven design is not only interactive but also user-friendly. Usability cannot be ignored when it comes to designing a goal-oriented business website. Add as many user-friendly features to websites as required. Usability is another name of interactivity in web design.

A website design cannot be interactive unless it has human connection and that is emotion. In web design, emotion is exuded visually. It is the user interface whose visual design should be high on emotional quotient. The user interface of landing pages should be designed in such a way as to interact with human emotions of target audience. It helps to not only hook the attention but also cover up insignificant drawbacks if there is any. Interaction design enables a website to initiate a human conversation with target audience in visual language.

Fast response time is another key characteristic of interaction design. It is our typical nature that we don’t like waiting to hear from someone in response. Each and every page of a website should respond promptly. The pages should respond to reveal or give what your target audience needs or is looking for. It won’t be right to try patience of the audience under the pretext that some pages load slowly because they are visually rich. Web design technology has evolved a lot, and it is better to use the latest technology for interaction design.

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