New Trends in Web Designing

Constant diversification and advancement are becoming a regular phenomenon. Thus staying updated with the trends is extremely crucial for every designer. If you are not at par with the latest developments then you will surely lose in this rat race. Web design controls everything happening in this vast online universe. A single change in the trend can spark a whole revolution. As technology advances and gets more embedded in our lives, online users experience (UX) is getting more and more pervasive. Users want new things all the time, and an innovative web design brings that novelty to them. UX is becoming more personal, interactive and relevant with each passing day. So it is necessary that the design of the website tend to user’s specification.

Following the trends and staying on top of them can make your web design attractive to the users, increasing your web traffic. There are several websites you can visit which provides you with inspiration on new web design trends. These web design services are free and you can share your work and browse through those of others. Simple and closed web compositions are a thing of the past now; designers are now moving towards a complex, open-style, chaotic and broken web design. Web design trends are based on these handfuls of designers who aim to create something out of the box. People look for inspiration everywhere, and you never know where you will find them.

Trends in Web Designing

Here are some of the trends that are making its way into every designer’s portal.

Open composition

The design world had always been dominated by closed, basic, symmetrical compositions. 2016 brought a lot of web design trends that moved from this age-old style. Loosely suspended elements on your web design which gives the impression of fleeing somewhere off-screen have become quite popular. It makes you think that there is another world beyond the edges of the monitor.

Virtual reality and 360° video

Even though virtual reality had made its way into the gadget world, web design trends were still unscathed by its presence. Several brands are now incorporating VR and 360° video technologies in their web design, giving a boost to futuristic visions.

Imaginative heading styles

Headlines are the first thing which catches your eye when you open a webpage. And as we all know it can make or break your impression of the whole web portal. The days of boring, basic heading styles are over. Designers are coming up with some groundbreaking styles of heading that gives your web design an unparallel sense of imagination and creativity.

Conversational user interface

An interactive user interface is the next big thing in web design trends right now. As social media is overtaking almost all online platforms, designers and companies alike are trying to include these platforms in their web design. Social media promotes an interactive user interface, which helps in your brand promotion.

High-quality original photographs

When you use stock photos in your web design, it automatically reduces the authenticity and the trust value of your website. Web design services advise their clients to use high-resolution authentic photos which shall, in turn, have a positive influence on their brand image and brand value.

Bold, bright colors

Color schemes are vital for web designing. However, the color scheme doesn’t stay constant for ages. It changes year after year, based on the trends. Right now, bold, funky, bright and gradient making color palettes are chosen for attractive web design. They provide a refreshing and a revitalizing appearance to your web design.

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