Six Reasons Why You Should Add Blog to Your Website

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Websites with blogs have more indexed pages by 434% than websites without blogs. Businesses with blogs have 13 times more returns on investment (ROI) than those without blogs, according to digital marketing studies. If you still procrastinating over whether your website should have a blog or whether a blog adds value to your business, this article is especially for you. Having a blog is the best digital marketing practice for business websites in Jersey City, New York, Florida, Oregon, and Texas. I have listed six reasons why adding a blog to your website is worth time and effort.

How to get traffic for websites is a multibillion-dollar question. The blog is one of the popular mediums to generate traffic for websites. Blogging is the best way to drive traffic for business leads from search engines. It is a search engine friendly organic method of generating traffic from target geographies. Business blogging or blogging for business websites is expertise which not anyone can justify. It is an expert’s job.

A blog helps websites build their presence in search engines. A website with multiple pages has a stronger presence than a website with a few pages in search engines. The more pages, the more links on search result pages. You can increase the pages of your website and the volume of the website content in search engines through regular blogging so that your chances to get organic traffic from more and more indexed links multiply.

There is no alternative to fresh, original content which Google loves the most. Blogging is the only way to keep websites dynamic with fresh content so that Google bot keeps visiting websites and indexing their pages. Regular indexing of content by search engine bots keeps a website searchable in Google and other search engines. It also helps to improve search engine result page rankings of websites.

Blogs help a lot in organic keyword marketing of websites. If there is no blog on your website, you may have to spend a lump sum on pay per click advertising, one of the paid keyword marketing methods in search engines. You can publish powerful, useful content containing relevant keywords on your business/company blog so that your website links carrying those keywords can go up on search result pages for better visibility and more traffic.

A blog can be an outlet of company news and press releases. Many company websites have blogs as digital communication mediums to disseminate news about their events and CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities. Besides, blogs can be digital platforms for potential customers to know the details of your services. It helps to build and nurture relationships with prospects. A blog can play a public relation officer (PRO) between your company and the target groups.

A blog can be the authoritative voice of your organization. It is what your prospects can look up to for answers to their queries, information on current industry trends in your niche, and updates of your business. You can provide your prospects with relevant, updated information on your business and services through the blog. Thus your organization will become an authority in your industry besides fetching in traffic from the Web.

There are several other benefits of having a blog on a business website. Feel free to get in touch with me for a discussion….


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