Website Design Strategy for Architects and Architecture Firms

Website Design Strategy

The best way to reach a large number of customers and catch their attention at the same time is to have an online presence of your business. If you are an architect or have an architecture firm, you can attract your clients with beautiful images and esthetic designs on your website. A good website design strategy helps in driving more customers. Here are few website design strategies that can be helpful for architects and architecture firms in the United States or Australia.

Avoid Using Flash

Not every visitor of your website will have a plug-in installed in their browser to view Flash materials, so they would rather skip doing the extra work and view your images and may ignore getting into the detailed information of your website. Also, Flash is not search-engine-friendly, so your website would be hard to find. So, the best strategy is to design your website excluding the use of Flash.

Have Transparent Contact Details

The primary piece of information for visitors is your contact details. If they like your work provided on the website, they would like to contact you or your architecture firm. So, never hide the details behind any tab. Keep your contact page updated with your postal address, phone number, and email address and keep these clearly laid out with no extra navigation. It is a good design strategy to keep your email addresses as active links so that they create an email template on clicking.

Make a Clear Statement

If you have an architecture firm, you must provide clear information about your work on your website. When customers visit your website, they want to see your hard work. There should be one striking image of your best project with a short sentence summarizing what it is about – this should be catchy enough to draw your client’s attention. Never provide too much of project information as mostly no one would like to read so much, but rather see – through a good design strategy is to use minimal graphics to keep your website easy to load.

Simple Structure with Less Navigation

Too much of navigation can be confusing. Many architectural websites do this mistake of putting too much navigation to show too many projects. A few items to click on the side or top of the page should be enough. The main strategy should be that your customers can see your work and contact details easily without spending much time on your website.

Multi-Device-Friendly Website

This is a must for your website must be easily accessed through laptops, mobiles, tablets, and every possible device to make it easy for your customers to access your website. This strategy is very important as more and more customers today tend to access websites from mobiles and tablets on-the-go.

Use Analytics

Finally, when you have applied good website design strategies to make your architectural website work, use the free service of Google Analytics, which will help you to know how many people are visiting your website. You can also find out which information they are accessing in your website. Keep testing with your website content until you actually grow your online presence successfully.


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