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Web Design Trends in 2019 for Business Websites: A Quick Guide

I believe in designing and developing cutting-edge, high-quality websites keeping pace with current and upcoming trends. Undeniably, website design and development is a dynamic field. Out of my passion for web design trends in 2019, I make sure that your business website stays up-to-date and trendy in both design and functionality. 2019 will be about the simple interface, bold typography, seamless functionality, complex back-end, bright color transition, and likes. Websites with immersive technologies will be in trend. Here’s a brief walk through some of the web design trends 2019.

Web Design Trends

Clean and Simple UI

With the onset of 2017, clean and simple websites came into vogue. Clean and simple websites will continue to be trending in 2019 for their better mobile performance. Unlike slow-loading image-heavy websites, clean and simple websites dominate mobile searches. New technologies like interactive animations and chatbots will be given preference over loud, distracting graphics in new websites throughout 2019. Clean and simple websites with non-flashy interfaces will be among web design trends 2019.

Bold Typography

Bold typography began to dominate website user interfaces at the beginning of 2017. Bold typography on clean and simple interfaces help text-based websites communicate messages conveniently and efficiently to mobile users. Among the upcoming web design trends in 2019, bold typography will be playing a major role in viewing and reading of text-based interfaces on mobile devices. Designers will be seen using typography more creatively in 2019.

Seamless Interaction

Seamless interaction is going to be a trending feature of websites in 2019. Prospects will be able to interact with a website equipped with chatbots and voice user interfaces, without clicking a particular product or service page, or waiting for it to load. Voice user interface and chatbot will facilitate seamless interaction with websites. Micro interaction is another web design element to gain momentum in 2019 when it comes to improving communication between a website and its prospects.

IoT website Interface

Websites with IoT interfaces will be trending in 2019. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new technology to make things easier in our day-to-day lives by connecting devices to the Internet. Smart light bulbs (Phillips Hue) are IoT-based devices. Smart websites with IoT interfaces are expected to be among web design trends in 2019 and help users interact with smart devices. An experienced web designer and developer will be able to create a simple-to-use IoT interface though it involves a complex backend.

Color Transition

The color transition is one of the contemporary trends in new-age web design. Both material design and flat design harmonize with bright and bold colors. Let’s take Instagram for instance. They changed their corporate logos and images by replacing flat colors with myriad-colored gradients and transition ones in 2017. Evidently, the use of bright colors instead of flashy colors has been a 2017 trend. The list of web design trends in 2019 will surely include it.

Image Extension

PNG, JPG, and GIF are popular extensions of images. These image extensions seem to go out of use in 2019, though not extinct. It is primarily because image quality and accessibility will take center stage. SVG is an emerging image extension, and it will exist along with other extensions in web design trends in 2019. Expected to be the best and most scalable format for graphic elements, SVG does not compromise image quality.

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