4 Web Design Strategies for Compelling Call to Action & Increased Conversion

Web Design Strategies

There is no dearth of DIY enthusiasts in the business world, who think they can do everything from developing a marketing strategy to designing a website. They usually turn to easily available website templates and take a pick from several selections. They remodel their websites once in a blue moon and accommodate only a few minor changes. In their earnest effort to do everything themselves, they ignore the need for professional touch in website making and remaking, which causes them a massive loss and they start wondering why such disaster has happened.

One of the features that these amateur website designers overlook or are not aware of is the integration of call-to-action. This feature enhances the responsiveness of websites, leading to a great bounce off the investment made on your part. Here is a list of a few important aspects, consideration of which will ensure effective call-to-action for your website.

Check User-Friendliness

While developing a website, you should take a look at it from your customers’ perspective. That will help you understand what the target customers may want. It could include cross-browser compatibility, mobile-friendliness and easy navigation on and through the pages.

The new customers take only a few seconds to decide if they will stay on your website or not. That first impression is created by appeal. However, their purchase decision is influenced in the next few stages. Try to guess what they could look for. From the studies of consumer behavior, it can be said that most of the buyers try to find out a particular product. Options of category-based browsing and a search button should be integrated into website design.

The inclusion of comparison tools will be fine as those will help the buyers compare products.

Prefer Contrast

Customers are always drawn to particular elements of websites. To pick up their glances, consider the use of contrast in places and colors. Make sure there are plenty of white spaces around the images and texts as it gives some relief to eyes. If a button functions as a call-to-action, use color for prominence to make it catchy.

The web designing experts focus on contrast to create drama on a certain level. All these are meant to drive attention. Attention to admiring glances to actions – it is a series and you need to ensure that for more leads and sales.

Give Instruction

We use verbs to give instruction. Opt for the same in your website design. There will be a positive psychological impact of using verbs for instructions. The phrases like ‘Sign in’, ‘Add to cart’ etc encourage the visitors into action. Include the ‘call-to-actions’ instructions on the same place for every page so that the first-time visitors know the pattern almost immediately. The instructions should be a single or two-to-three word but very much explicit.

Keep it Uncluttered

Call-to-actions features are a must but too much of it will cause clutter. A cluttered website will backfire by leading to a loss in customers’ attention and curiosity. From the consumers’ viewpoint, try to judge which particular call-to-action will draw their attention first. Setting priorities from perceived user experience will help you place those CTA features properly.

Don’t get obsessed with crowding a webpage with CTAs. It will only leave the consumers confused. The objective of including call-to-action features is to help the customers take a smooth and swift ride on your website.


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