Advantages of Setting up WordPress Websites for Startups

WordPress Websites for Startups

In this world of social networking and asocial networkers, businesses have felt it beneficial and necessary to step up on their game. In not less than 20 years of the internet being a significant part of our regular jargon, we have an entire field devoted to online businesses, collectively known as ‘ecommerce’. Fuelling this field of e-commerce is a multitude of websites that serve as the ideal platform for advertising and promoting products.

Building an appealing website that allows one to sell and promote products online is certainly something on every start-up’s agenda. The options available on the internet can be overwhelming and often leaves one baffled and confused. Statistical data gathered over the past years show that almost 20 percent of major websites use WordPress for their business needs! WordPress with its Open Source Engine has been revolutionary in the field of Content Managing Systems, rightly collecting awards since its initiation into the web cloud almost 13 years ago. It has since been a plethora of business activity, turning the wheels of the free market, attracting a diverse audience and featuring on all major search engines. In fact, WordPress with its significant success has often been synonymous with web blogging itself, with users using phrases such as ‘Wordpressing articles’.

WordPress is especially beneficial to startups who are not familiar with the process of web blogging and were earlier faced with a very serious technological holdback. Most web blogging sites require one to be up to speed with basic programming and often rely on the age-old method of coding. However, WordPress alleviates the technological hassles by adding simple automated processes of adding, editing and deleting which with the process of inbuilt coding, greatly simplifies web blogging. WordPress further welcomes its ambitious newbies with comprehensive tutorial videos, screencasts, and a very helpful initiation program.

Why WordPress?

  • WordPress caters to a huge online population, almost 54% of the 36% of businesses that are running on various content management systems. Analyzing consumer data, the WordPress Stats claims to have more than 409 million people view nearly 131 billion pages every month!
  • WordPress provides a multitude of customization features in the form of a variety of themes, hyperlinks and audiovisual overlays. WordPress is the largest repository of themes, plug-ins, and other media and nonmedia files, making it extremely convenient to design and customize.
  • Features useful plug-ins such as;
  • BuddyPress-A social networking plug-in which helps the user create micro-communities and groups.
  • WP Super Cache-Produces Static HTML files
  • Other additional plug-ins like web stats, SEO plug-ins, and gallery plug-ins.
  • It is affordable and can be easily operated with a fantastic user interface when compared to other CMS or dedicated frameworks.
  • WordPress features on all the major mobile platform stores and can be easily accessed through electronic tablets and cell phones. With major updates every now and then, it fixes bugs and enables users to work on their projects while on the go.

Considering all the aforementioned factors, WordPress certainly outplays all its rivals and is extremely appealing to young startups. Not only is it extremely efficient in providing its users with a variety of customization options that are easily understood, but it is also extremely cheap. Moreover, WordPress reaches out to a titanic community around the blog whether you are in New York,  Jersey City, New Jersey, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Sydney just name it and with a little additional promotional cost, one can advertise their product or services in the right circles!


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