To-Do’s after your website goes Live

website goes Live

Now that you have your website designed and developed by a professional, you must be eager to see the results of your hard work. But the work does not really end here. If you want your website to become popular and want to increase the daily visits to your website, you may have to work a little bit more after it goes live. Here is a “to-do list” of the important steps which you can follow once your website is launched.

  • Share your site on Social Media Sites: GooglePlus, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are some of the platforms where you can share your site or create a page about your website. This will give you a bigger platform where people will get to know about your site. You can regularly keep updating your information and answer to people’s query. Put contents related to your website on the pages. This will create interest among the viewers.
  • Look for local business links: Now that your website is launched, you can look for business sites which can put up links to your website. This will help the target audience to open up the links to check what you have to offer.
  • Create free listings: You can create a free listing for your company on Google map. When people click on it they can be directly taken to your website. This is one way you can direct people to take a look at your website.
  • Put sites on online directories: You can put your websites on online directories. Online directories are sites where websites are listed in categories. People who are looking up for a particular kind of website can easily come across your website if it caters to their needs.
  • Start writing blog posts: Once you are done with the preliminary steps, you can start writing blog posts on various blogging sites. People can read your blog and will get to know about your website which they can eventually open to see the contents.
  • Share on YouTube: If your website has videos to show, you can share them on YouTube. In the description box, you can put the link to your blogs and your website. People can get easily access your website on that basis.
  • Revise the keywords: If you find that the keywords related to your website are not popular enough then think about revising them. Check other websites. See why they are so popular and what makes them different. Try and incorporate some of these features on your website.
  • Update your website regularly: This is a very important step. You should not leave your website unattended for a long time. With time, keep updating your website. You can even create new content keeping up with the demand. An attractive and informative website will have more viewers.
  • Press release: If you have some important event which you want to publicize, you can go send a press release to the media houses which deal with your line of work. Your website along with your articles can get mentioned in their news sites which will increase the traffic on your site.

These are some of the steps you can follow after your website goes online. These steps will ensure that your website gets the due attention and popularity. Your persistent effort in creating a better and meaningful web presence will give you great success in your work.


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