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In the current digital era, it is not tough for start-ups to build presence online. But, at the same time, it is not easy to maintain the online presence for more enhanced branding and visibility. Choosing the right platforms, targeting the relevant audience, crafting the right strategies and maintaining the profiles are what should be incorporated into an online presence strategy for startups.

A strategy for online presence of start-ups revolves around a website. Website is the first platform to build online presence for a start-up. The other domains of presence on the Web are directly and indirectly linked to a website. The entire online presence strategy for start-ups is purposed to generate traffic and conversions for the main website. Needless to say, professional website designing is the first requirement to execute the strategy.

Online profile listing of business website is part of an online presence strategy for start-ups. Website listing online also helps with search engine optimization, which in turn enhances the presence and visibility of start-ups in search engines. Google Place and Yahoo! Local are the most popular business profile listing platforms where it costs nothing. Microsoft Bing has its own listing platform. Listing of start-ups with their physical address and website links on Google Place, Bing and Yahoo! Local add to the reliable presence of start-ups.

Social media presence is a must have for start-ups in the current digital era. Netizens are in the habit of checking the presence of a startup across the Web through search engines and social media. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are the primary social media platforms to build presence for start-ups. Building online presence of start-ups on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus is not limited to creating a business page / profile there. Brainstorming creative strategies for building a follower base and engaging them with business over a span of time is the key to successful media presence of start-ups. Graphic design for cover pages of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages plays an important role in creating online presence for start-ups.

LinkedIn is another business-critical platform supporting online presence of start-ups. It is the most popular business networking platform in the digital / virtual world. Businesses link with each other in their respective niches to build networks. All it takes to create business profiles of startups on LinkedIn is professional copywriting. Smart copywriting helps to craft the right identity of a startup on LinkedIn. Startups can leverage and maximize their presence on LinkedIn in several ways including LinkedIn Pulse, a self-publishing platform where startups can publish niche-specific insightful articles to get noticed online.

YouTube.com is a must addition to the online presence strategy for product-based startups. Product-centric videos with engaging script work well to build and enhance online presence of startups. YouTube videos can be optimized with niche-specific keyword based tags to drive the online presence, visibility and viewership of startups. An online presence strategy for startups can be planned and executed around a few other platforms including Tumblr on the Web.