How social media impacts your brand image

social media branding

A brand is a brand that people talk about. A business that remains aloof from people and public platforms online as well as offline is not a brand. Social Media led to the opening of several avenues for both brands and the public to interact with one another more freely. The inception of social media into branding and marketing made it easier for businesses to become brands through real-time interaction with the public including their target audience. Social Media has redefined the way a business builds its brand image and a professional creates his / her brand identity.

The social media impact is faster and more furious than any other thing on earth. It spreads like wildfire from platform to platform on the Web, and from online to offline. It can make or break your brand image. Evidently, deliberation of strategies is a must for social media marketing and branding. A careful approach towards conceptualizing, planning and executing social media strategies is required for brand development, positioning and awareness. The social Media impact is not limited to any linguistic and geographic bounds.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr are playing instrumental in branding of businesses and professionals. The “what is trending” feature of Twitter and Facebook gives a clear picture of real-time Social Media impact on current affairs, controversies and the latest advertisements as well as campaigns. It gives a measure of the ongoing interaction between Twitter users and various topics.

Be it an international film festival or a film award function like Oscars or an international sports event or an upcoming film trailer or a natural calamity in any corner of the world, it goes global in no time via Social Media. Facebook and Twitter take things around the globe many times faster than traditional media. The social Media impact is equally felt on global and local levels. It is equally strong for branding and marketing if you have a well-crafted strategy in place.

Social Media impact on a website depends on how creatively a Social Media strategy is crafted, how strategically it is executed and how effectively it performs. The stronger is the strategy, the stronger is the impact. Sometimes, the impact of social media is so strong that social profiles of a website go up and negative search results of the website go down in search engines. It is very useful for product and service business websites which often grapple to subdue negative feedbacks or reviews from customers. A consistent effort over a long span of time is required to achieve a high level of Social Media Impact.

Many businesses and professionals mostly rely on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for branding, marketing, promotion, and awareness. The impact of these three social platforms is undeniable. Other social platforms including LinkedIn, Google Plus, Slideshare and Tumblr are impactful at the same time. A social media marketing strategy for businesses should incorporate all of these platforms in order to generate and leverage social media impact holistically.


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