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The one question that arises when someone mentions Responsive Web Design is what is responsive web design? In answer to this one can say that Responsive Web Design is, as the term suggests, a construction of a website that enables viewer friendly navigation and design structure irrespective of resolution or device dependency. Includes interactive elements and enables easy scrolling, re-sizing and panning and a website that can be used easily on both laptops and mobile phones and any other form of technology without hindrance.

Why Responsive Web Design?

The reason why responsive web design has become more and more important is mostly because of the technological boon seen in the last few years. With the internet becoming an integral part of everyday life, people are constantly browsing, searching and hooking onto different websites. It has also become very important because even the mega search engine like Google has started giving more importance to responsive websites over others. Things became more serious with the launch of the first of such websites as audi.com in 2001 and later in 2008 another website that bragged about terms such as ‘liquid’ and browser compatible, ‘elasticity’ etc.

However with the booming of responsive web designs a side effect has turned up that makes every website today seem to look like one another. Although this does goes to give one a vague statistics about how popular this website design has become.

Current trends:

The current trends and future trends that one can expect in the field of Responsive web Design are:

  1. Experimenting with navigations
  2. Experimenting with menus
  3. Some sites using minimal scrolling
  4. Some sites using the format of the long scroll
  5. A movement towards designing in modules rather than writing pages upon pages
  6. Designs involving how the function of search will work
  7. Designs involving how the navigations will be set and how they will be worked out
  8. How components carry out individual functions

Responsive Web Designing and Beyond:

One of the reasons why responsive web designing became so popular was because of the simple notion of not following the crowd, breaking away from not so user friendly websites enabled in the increase of viewership and browser traffic. Therefore, the question now arises as to what is the future of such an endeavor?  Responsive Web Designing today is still booming with more and more new trends coming into focus. This endeavor is in perpetual change and will transform itself on accordance to what is best for its clients. From changing in navigation techniques to formatting the way information is accessed, responsive Web designing has take over the virtual world. Now being backed and promoted by Google it has become more of a necessity than an exception. In years to come the world of the World Wide Web shall find itself being flooded by this perpetually changing concept and its effect on users. From navigations to scrolling to user friendly designs, this mode of responsive websites will keep on changing to accommodate its clients, keeping with the 21st century tradition of innovations that provide to its clients the best with the least effort.