LSI Keywords: Know How to Increase Organic Traffic by 50%

LSI Keywords

Do you like to eat the same food every day? Isn’t it monotonous and boring if you live a routine bound life every day? Don’t you think some little changes in day-to-day life will make it interesting? Monotony is what no one likes. Similarly, Google finds the repetition of a keyword monotonous. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) adds variety to keyword usage and makes it interesting to Google. To be precise, if your main keyword is New York travel packages, you can spice up the content with relevant synonyms of the keyword like New York tour packages, New York travel deals, New York tour deals, etc. The collective power of a primary keyword and its synonyms are many times more than that of the primary keyword repetition.

I hope, you got that LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is a powerful thing in the search engine optimization process. It is easy to make a website rank on the collective power of LSI keywords rather than repetition of a single keyword. It is one of the secrets to success in SEO and organic traffic generation. You are wrong to assume that your target audience uses the same keyword as what you have chosen to work on. Some of them may use synonyms of the keyword while searching for your content in Google. Evidently, without LSI in your keyword strategy, you will lose traffic from synonyms of the main keyword. Be a smart host to Google and feed its search bot on a feast of LSI keywords.

The best use of Latent Semantic Indexing is ensured in rich and relevant content. Minimalistic content is not suitable for this keyword method. To say more precisely, there must be enough space to accommodate some synonyms of a primary keyword. To optimize the potential of your keyword strategy only when your web pages are stuffed with quality content. If your website integrates a blog with relevant content, you had better leverage LSI keywords to the fullest.

How to generate LSI is no rocket science. There are some free and paid tools that you can use to generate LSI keywords for main keywords. Or you can source synonymous keywords from Google search engine itself. When you enter a particular keyword or key phrase in the search bar, Google returns its matches at the bottom of search result pages. Thus you can collect Google’s recommendations which match your keyword in meaning as well as relevance and choose the most useful ones that harmonize with the content focused on the main keyword.

Prevention of keyword spamming is another great advantage of Latent Semantic Indexing. Google blacklists content with over-stuffing or high density of a keyword as spam. The right mix of LSI keywords and the main keywords will make your content out and out SEO friendly. LSI keywords can also be used as anchor texts. Using main keywords as anchor texts in a piece of content or on a webpage may irritate Google. Replace primary keywords with LSI keywords from anchor texts for better results.

So put Latent Semantic Indexing in place and experience 50% increase in traffic to your website. For more information, get in touch with me for free consultation.


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