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Digital marketing is the best ladle to dig out the biggest scoop of traffic and leads from virtual marketplaces. Like every other thing, digital marketing keeps changing from time to time. Crafting strategies for search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media marketing in sync with current digital marketing trends is a must do for brands in New York, Texas, Florida, Oregon and other places. The following is an elaboration on four of the latest trends in digital marketing, which you should take a hard look at.

Page and Content Optimization for Mobile Devices

Webpage and content optimization for mobile devices is one of the current digital marketing trends. Though this trend emerged in the beginning of 2015, it has picked the pace this year. It is all because of Google’s inclusion of mobile friendly content display among its search result ranking factors. It is as important as content optimization was and is for desktop users. With increasing mobile search volumes, this trend for digital marketing targeting mobile users has a long way to go.

Video Blogging for Digital Content Marketing

Since the 2014 end, video has crept into digital content marketing. Video embedding into textual content and video blogging are the most popular trends in digital marketing and online advertising these days. Since Google has added video content to its list of algorithmic factors, brands are advised to keep a large pie of their marketing budgets aside for online video marketing. Since Facebook has prioritized video content too, there is no stop for brands in promoting their services and products through online video ads. So consult digital marketing professionals in New York, Oregon, Florida and Texas to know more about online video content marketing without a second thought.

Shift from Mono Keywords to Long Tail Keywords

Digital content optimization has shifted from mono keywords to long tail keywords. If you are still optimizing your content with main, short keywords, you are swimming against the waves in the current digital marketing scenario. Today’s smart content marketers in New York, Texas, Florida and other cities use primary keywords and long tail keywords in a balanced ratio in marketing content. It helps lower the competition and fetch in quality traffic from search engines. Digital marketing professionals use Google analytics, competition analysis stats, search result queries and keyword research tools to find our relevant long tail keywords for effective content optimization.

Write for Target Audience, not Search Engines

The shift of the focus from search engines to target audience is the biggest change in content marketing and digital marketing at large. But many brands that are new comers in the virtual market fail to understand that the days are gone when content used to be weaved around keywords. These days, topics for content marketing are selected based on interests of target audience, not target keywords. First decide on topics which are relevant to your niche and then craft content using a number of long tail keywords like a wordsmith. Give high value to target groups in your content irrespective of formats according to the current digital marketing trends in Texas, Oregon, Florida, New York and other US cities and around the globe.