How to Plan Content Marketing Strategy for Blogs

Your company blog is the voice and face of your business to the target audience. Blogging has come a long way and become more challenging over the years. Just writing and publishing content for the blog does not help to reach the content marketing goals for your company these days. A well-planned content marketing strategy is required. I have discussed some highlights of the content marketing strategy for company or business blogs below:

Blog Content Marketing

Visual Creatives

In current times of digital content, any content marketing strategy for company blogs is incomplete without visual creatives. It can be a video or an info-graphic or both. Visual creatives not only spice up marketing content but also diversify the content marketing portfolio. Once videos are uploaded to YouTube, they can be embedded in blog posts on company websites. You can make videos on product presentations, company events, etc. The same videos can be used to add value to the content of the same.

Tip: Online video optimization for better SEO is part of the content marketing strategy. Do make sure to optimize videos with relevant tags and keyword-centric description while uploading them to video sharing portals including YouTube.

Info-graphics will work best in data-based blog posts. If a company blog post is composed with a focus on the company’s performance of the year or marketing campaign, an infographic on the same will make the content illustrative and easily understandable. With info-graphics in place, it takes less effort to write quality content.

Tip: There are a few portals where you can share or submit your info-graphics with the company logo and name. It helps to get backlinks from those portals, which will, in turn, improve the SEO of your company website or blog.

Content Syndication

These days content syndication is a popular content marketing strategy for blogs. There are many content syndication portals in different categories. Do some research on such portals in the category or categories which are relevant to your company or business. Then contact those portals and propose to share or submit your blog posts for their audience. Successful content syndication will increase the visibility of and traffic for your blog.

Content Distribution

It is the post-production stage of the content marketing strategy for blogs. Distributing content across relevant channels or platforms is as important as writing quality content. Search engines top the list of content distribution channels as they search for and index fresh content on a regular basis. Search engines apart, it takes some effort to distribute the latest blog posts to reach out to the target audience. Currently, social media is the biggest content distribution platform.

If possible, tag a Twitter influencer in your industry while tweeting the blog posts. If the posts appeal to them, they are likely to retweet the tweets and share with their followers. It will increase the digital footprint of the blog. Currently, Facebook groups are the best mediums to distribute blog content. Join relevant Facebook groups where your blog posts will be approved. Indulge in conversation on other posts in those groups and get noticed so that others interact with your posts.


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