Know why Your Business Website is losing traffic and how to prevent It

A website is the first impression of your brand and business online. Whether a prospect will be converted into a customer from the first click to the contact page or payment gateway is a matter of a few minutes, which can be hindered for small reasons or the lack of minute details. No matter how much you have spent on your website, or how much funding your startup has got, if the website homepage is cluttered or distracting or lacks navigation, it will lose potential customers.

Business Website Traffic

Think of Elaborate Web Design

In this competition-driven world where startups are coming up every other day to give a tough run to each other, basic HTML designs won’t work beyond your satisfaction on the surface. You may be happy spending a little on basic HTML designs or hiring someone on a very small budget for the job, but your prospects may not be happy. Basic HTML design includes a basic interface with regular look and feel, which may not appear authentic and convincing to finicky customers. If your business website is losing traffic, to prevent it with elaborate website design planning.

Cut on Distracting Third Party Ads

What’s more important to you: revenue from third-party ads on your website, or conversion of visitors into your customers? If you have not contemplated it, do think about it now. Visually appealing ad videos and banners on the top or bottom or the right may add ‘wow’ factors to the look and feel of your business website, but your potential customers will be distracted from hitting the jackpot for you. If pop-up ads and flashing banners prevent visitors from buying your product or filling up the contact form, your business will be making a loss.

Google Frowns on Ad-heavy Pages

You may not know that ad-heavy pages tend to rank lower in Google no matter how many domains are referring to them and how many websites are linking to them. Google has shifted the weight of ranking to users from the non-human factors of a website. As ad-heavy pages cut on user interaction with target products or services, Google allocates lower ranking to these pages. The same is true about web pages featuring email capture box frequently.

Say ‘NO’ to Too Many Stock Images

Usually, stock images come with overly smiling faces, too radiant objects, too professional components, etc. Business website homepage with stock images often fails to impress visitors. Stock images should be used when there is no alternative. It’s better to use stock images when there is a time-sensitive article to be published and when there is no time to source better photographs or get one from a graphic designer. Do add a little more to your budget for website design and hire a good UI designer to design or redesign the homepage of your business website.

A website with grammatical errors in content lacks authenticity. Flawless grammar and professional content give validation to a website. Make sure to proofread and edit the content before it goes live.


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