What Makes the Best Business Website for Maximum Conversions

Business Website Conversions

Business Website Conversions – A business website is not just a website but an entity which it takes a lot to create, develop and establish. A lot has been said and written about what makes the best website that is visually appealing, functionally dynamic and saleable. I am sharing some views about what makes the best website for maximum conversions from a few industry experts.

Many online marketing experts are of the view that content is as important as design. Evidently, the role of a content developer or copywriter is as important as that of a web designer in making a business website saleable. A business should consult a designer and a writer with an equal approach, regarding different aspects of the upcoming website. Most of the times, a content strategist is brought on the board once the website is designed and developed. A content development professional can add to the process of producing a more interactive and effective web presence if he or she is involved in the project from the very beginning.

Digital marketing professional’s advice thinking beyond design. Businesses are more concerned about look and feel of websites than any other thing. Out of their concern with the visual dynamics of websites, they often overlook how to get noticed, how to generate traffic, etc. It’s all about search engine optimization, the process of optimizing websites in compliance with the guidelines of major search engines. An SEO plan in advance helps design landing pages of a business website, with a focus on ROI goals. Design and content influence the volume of conversions, while SEO fetches leads for conversion. Business websites should be designed with a powerful SEO plan in place.

Many web design professionals opine that a business website can have an innovative look that really rocks if there is any USP (unique selling point). No matter whatever the niche is, a business should have its USP as a point of differentiation from its competitors. The USP helps to innovate the design, appearance, interactivity, and functioning of a website. Businesses often ask designers to follow and study their competitors’ websites. References are good. But aping them does not help in the long run. Businesses should foresee the markets that they operate in and share their insights with web designers at the beginning of a project.

Business website analysts are of the opinion that the conversion of prospects into actual customers depends on marketing strategy more than on mere design. The lack of coherence between design and marketing affects the conversion level ultimately. A website is a business marketing tool. It should be designed with a futuristic marketing plan in place to be saleable. A marketing strategy with a focus on the target audience and their needs helps to design different aspects of a website and define the features accordingly. The gap between design and conversion due to incoherence is why many brilliantly designed websites fail to convert maximum prospects into customers.

Some web design industry professionals put emphasis on the need for design as a consistent process to achieve maximum usability in keeping with the latest trends. Web design is not a one-time requirement. It is a time-to-time need to keep a business website dynamic in the changing scenario and relevant to the audience.


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