5 Content Marketing Trends for Businesses to Perform Better in 2018

Undeniably, businesses investing in content marketing are reaping dividends. That’s the reason 60% of businesses have reported the effectiveness of their content marketing strategies. What does 2018 have in store for businesses when it comes to content marketing is summed up in this article.

Content Marketing Trends

Content Diversification

The days of churning keyword-based content in great volumes are gone. Since content marketing has taken a media publishing approach, the content format is as important as the content itself. These days, content strategy is a lot more important than a mere set of keywords. Blogging is no more an ultimate content format. Content should be formatted and customized according to different audiences’ changing consumption patterns. Among the upcoming content marketing trends is the diversification of content from blogging to graphic design to illustrative infographic to media buying to audio editing to a webinar to a white paper.

Transparency and Cause Marketing

Transparency of content marketing is already in vogue. It will be one of the content marketing trends in 2018 for millennials who opine that companies should be more honest, authentic and transparent about whatever they do to promote and advertise their businesses. Content marketing, irrespective of formats and purposes, supporting a cause clicks with millennials born between 1982 and 2002. Being progressive, individualists, optimistic, altruistic, inventive, bold and experimental, today’s millennial generation refrain from hardcore brand advertising and marketing content which only blow the trumpets of businesses. ‘Cause marketing’, a newly coined phrase, is an upcoming content marketing trend to catch the attention of millennial customers.

Content beyond Buyer’s Journey

Content driving the buyer’s journey from brand awareness to customer acquisition to lead nurturing to conversion is among the upcoming content marketing trends. The content of daily social media posts, blogs, articles, email marketing, visual media, sales messages, white papers, eBooks, landing pages, customer knowledge, relationship building campaigns, and likes should be produced to fuel the buyer’s journey at different levels of a company. As per the expected content marketing trends in 2018, content should support every stage of the buyer’s journey. Conversion is not the end of the buyer’s journey but followed by content to nurture customer relationships.

The balance of Content Types

With new media supporting free and paid publishing content platforms, content marketing has turned over a new leaf for a wider outreach. Paid or sponsored content for popular media outlets like Buzzfeed has become a norm these days. At the same time, businesses own self-publishing outlets (company blogs) or channels (YouTube) or both for organic marketing. But, paid content and organic content are not in balance, at times. The line between these two kinds of content for marketing must not be blurred because Google frowns upon paid-content-only marketing campaigns.

Better Strategic Documentation

Better strategic documentation for effective content marketing is one of the trends taking shape gradually towards 2018. Given the growing effectiveness of content marketing, success is credited to strategic documentation, according to the Content Marketing Institute. The time allocated for content marketing should not entirely be spent on producing content. In 2015, only 32% of businesses had a documented strategy for content marketing. It grew to 37% in 2016. If the content is art, strategy documentation is science. The allocated time should equally be distributed to art and science. Content marketing strategy documentation includes writing, analyzing and reviewing goals.


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