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Whatever business you do online or offline, you need to market and sell it. Marketing principles vary with platforms and mediums. If you are running an online magazine or blog, content, design and presentation are the main marketing muscles. These marketing muscles need a workout to make the magazine or blog fetching to visitors. Out of my knowledge and experience in the industry, I have propounded on how to get your content viewed and shared optimally.

Content planning and strategy  

It is said that history repeats itself. If history can repeat itself, why not content? Let me clear this riddle. You have already started a blog or an online magazine and updated it with a number of posts. As it is the law of nature, all of the published articles are not supposed to receive the same number of clicks and views. Some are a hit with regular readers, while others fail to impress them. Make a list of successful topics, following the analytics and rework on them but with twists. If food is the most viewed section of your blog, do content planning on more such food topics as winter foods, winter vegetables, winter fruits, winter recipes, winter soups, New Year food festivals, etc. Put it on the weekly or monthly content calendar. Follow this content strategy and experience a high in the number of daily hits.

 Create content as infectious as viral fever

Don’t expect to get the max out of your blog unless the content infects more and more readers like viral fever. Only the content that surprises readers and hits their emotions goes viral. The topics which are powerful enough to click with the reader emotionally can get shared to market themselves. To say, fashion features should appeal to the fashionistas in your readers, food articles should appease their tactile sense, entertainment posts should satisfy their fun-loving nature. Even titles with emotion-provoking quality are highly clickable.

 Content with visual appeals for social media   

With Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube ruling the online media, visual content is all the game now. The same is the secret of successful digital marketing. Why not make it your content strategy to get clicked, viewed and shared across social media channels? If your blog is a mere storybook without visual elements, it is likely to lose its sheen in times of appealing visuals – videos and images. Make a visual album of your blog or magazine by blending text with relevant images. If images and videos are optimized with target keywords, organic traffic to your blog will double up. Isn’t it an added benefit of this content marketing strategy?

 Presentation and professionalismo go hand in hand

Why do we dress professionally before going to attend a business meeting? Because, presentation matters. Similarly, check issues with the presentation of your blog or online magazine if it is not in sync with the theme and purpose. Presentation is a big draw to new visitors. Quality presentation results from quality design. Make sure to get your blog, magazine or website designed at a professional web design company. Presentable design and look and feel is a need of marketing – online or offline.