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You might have read a lot about why WordPress is the best for individual professionals, what the advantages of WordPress website are, etc. In this article, I have highlighted some other user-friendly features of WordPress for individual professionals like you though on similar lines.

With WordPress, you don’t need to rely on your designer for small changes. Adding a new page or making some text changes is what you can do yourself. WordPress comes with the key to self content management which saves on money and time by not requiring you to approach the designer for small changes. No doubt, WordPress website or blog is suitable for independent professionals.

WordPress is the only platform which is accessible from anywhere, from any computer with Internet connection and from any browser. No additional software is required to access WordPress, make changes and edit the content. WordPress offers greater accessibility.

WordPress facilitates your communication with the audience in real time. Since WordPress does not require you to depend on a designer for basic small changes, you can manage and modify the content in a time-sensitive manner for speedy communication with your readers or visitors.

WordPress is equipped with time management tools which make it possible to schedule the publishing dates of posts in coming 12 weeks. If you are going on a family holiday trip without your laptop, you can write posts and schedule the dates you want them to be published on in advance. You don’t need to worry about the day-to-day update of content in your WordPress website or blog.

With WordPress, it is possible to make a family of members by adding readers or visitors to the website or blog. A WordPress blog or website can be developed into a full-fledged membership site.

WordPress facilitates automatic integration of each of the published posts with social media channels – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and others, which makes it easy to share a post the moment it is published online.

The WordPress blog code is independent of unnecessary HTML code. It streamlines the indexing of WordPress blogs by Google bot. As there is no complexity of code, individual professionals can easily customize the pages and posts for easy indexing in Google and other search engines.

Though you need the designer to map out the route of navigation at the initial stage of WordPress website development, the navigation does not require update when new pages are added later on.  Navigation links to the newly added pages will be automatically created based on the categories of the pages. It does not require manual editing of any file or code.

WordPress comes with fool-proof security against hacking. WordPress blogs or websites are more hacker proofed than usual websites. You don’t need to spend on installation of any external hacking-proof software. So, WordPress website is cost effective for individual professionals who need a website or blog for a basic purpose.

There are many other features of WordPress. Get in touch with me for a discussion.