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WordPress website users and visitors often complain about slow loading. If there is any such issue with your WP website, the website needs to be optimized for fast loading speed. WordPress optimization is one of the tasks mastered and performed by a WordPress expert. Here are some useful tips on WordPress Optimization.

The fewer plugins, the faster WordPress websites load. A website with many plugins installed runs slow, frustrating the user. Choosing plugins as per requirement and using as fewer as possible are recommended for optimum WordPress optimization.

Accumulation of spam comments in hundreds weighs heavy on websites and slows them down. WordPress optimization requires a careful approach when it comes to dealing with spam comments. Make sure to delete span comments from the comment section of your WordPress website.

Website template choice is crucial for WordPress optimization. Make sure to buy an optimizable theme from a WordPress layout design expert or choose one from the theme gallery of  a professional web design company. A WordPress website with an optimized theme is easy to optimize further. The theme should pack in SEO friendly features.

The database of a WordPress website is like a control room. The database is a storage house where posts, pages and comments are stored. Bloating of the database delays the loading and display of pages and posts. If your WordPress website is a large one, it needs regular optimization. A WordPress expert can better perform this task.

Gzip is a compression method that works to the benefit of WordPress website users by reducing the HTTP response time to a great extent. Most of the browsers support this popular compression method. If the website weight is reduced and the response time is minimized, the website loads very fast. The WP HTTP plugin is very useful in this respect.

One of the WordPress optimization methods for speedy performance is caching. The process to deliver a post or page to the visitor as soon as possible and that too without a request from the database is known as caching. Caching works by converting dynamic WP pages into static ones. It helps speed up the loading of pages and posts. The entire WordPress database loads when a visitor requests for a page. The caching plugin serves the request page to the visitor by simplifying the process.

It is a known fact that images and videos weight many times more than text. A page with more than a limit of images or videos loads very slowly. Cut the number of images and videos on the pages to optimize the speed of your WordPress website for high. It is better to keep the front page or home page minimalist in number of images unless it is an online magazine.

The quality of hosting service is one of the keys to effective WordPress optimization. Dedicated hosting is always better than shared hosting service. The technical precision of the hosting service where your WordPress website is hosted on impacts the functioning and loading of the website. Make sure to buy a hosting package from a recognized hosting service provider.