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WordPress was there. WordPress is there. WordPress will be there. Ringing out the old and ringing in the new is the key to the evolution, success and popularity of WordPress for personal and professional websites. Let’s see which trends are in or out of the loop of this CMS.

WordPress trends in loop 

Some new trends hit the WordPress world in the 2013 end and will be more pronounced this year (2014). The users must be in the know of the trends which WordPress has welcomed. Besides being simple and elegant in design, WordPress websites must be fast loading. This trend is going to stay forever. The following are the other trends which will impact WordPress website design in 2014:

Previously, WordPress used to be a platform for photo heavy websites. With emphasis on the need of fast-loading websites, WordPress is all set to accept these trends. The days of frustration over the use of gradients and drop shadows are gone. It was annoying to make them fit and look perfect. With flat user interface design gaining popularity, there is no more worry about it. WordPress designs with single and flat colors will be more effective this year.

Apart from flat user interface, single page websites are going to take the front seat in 2014. What has earned it a huge response? Single page websites are faster in loading than multi-page websites. In addition, these websites are easily accessible on mobile devices. These websites come with vertical scrolling which is convenient for mobile device users. Nowadays, web designers are coming up with creative designs with innovative look and feel for single page websites.

WordPress trends out of loop 

Some of the design trends which touched the peak of popularity with the evolution of WordPress in last few years have been bidden farewell by designers. Lack of mobile friendliness is the main reason for their being lost in the wilderness. The following WordPress website design trends will disappear completely in 2014:

Framing was one of the popular WordPress website trends in 2013. The popularity of this design trend with designers had gone so high that it seemed to go a long way. With rising demand for faster-loading pages, no room is left for framing. It is no more practical to implement this trend.

The use of PDF pages on websites is on the verge of extinction too. Loading of PDF pages on WordPress websites is easy, while it is a bit difficult for mobile device users. Switching to the PDF format from the web format is not convenient for them. It is because mobile web browsers are prone to crash due to loading of PDF pages, most of the times.

No more to say why flash and animations are out of popularity. These techniques were mere gimmicks to make websites grab the eyeballs. With mobile device users outnumbering desktop users, flash and animation are no more trends. These are not mobile friendly. Besides, websites with flash and animation tend to load slowly, which leaves the users annoyed.