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If your WordPress website is having downtime, loading slowing and thereby performing badly, there are certain reasons which need to be identified and resolved as well. Only a WordPress expert can figure out the issues and fix them precisely. Only WordPress professionals can provide the best website maintenance service. Here are five of the common issues and their possible solutions which speed up websites.

Remove plug-ins that slow down

These days, websites and blogs integrate multiple features through installation of plug-ins. Installation of the latest plug-ins helps to keep a website or blog contemporary and competitive, some of them adversely impact the page-loading time which, in turn, has negative effects on the volume of traffic to websites. Installing too many social-sharing plug-ins creates an issue with page-loading speed. Periodical website maintenance helps to identify the installed plug-ins which are responsible for slow loading of websites. A website health checkup professional can advise you on which plug-ins to keep and which ones to uninstall.

Compress JavaScript & CSS files

If your website’s framework integrates a number of plug-ins, it refers to the number of individual style sheets and JavaScript files that the website is linked to. It affects the website performance. Website maintenance professionals recommend compression of all JavaScript files into one and all CSS files into one. It is a promising solution to speed up WordPress websites. The fewer is the number of files, the fewer is the number of requests for browsers. There are a few specific plug-ins which can be used to implement this solution.

Define image dimensions

When you log on to a website, the browser that you use works to make it out how to present the content around images before displaying a page of the website. It takes the browser a considerable time if the dimensions of the images used on a website are not defined. That is why browsers often work at a slow pace. If the image dimensions are specified, this process is not required for browsers. As a result, it speeds up the loading of websites.

Place JavaScript & CSS files properly

The style sheets of a web page must be placed close to the top of the page. It is because browsers render the CSS files before displaying web pages. JavaScript files should be placed near the bottom or footer of websites. It helps browsers load websites or web pages at a fast pace. Placement of the JavaScript and CSS files in this order decreases time for the loading of WordPress websites.

Compress images while uploading

Image-rich websites use more bandwidth than text-based websites. Websites load speedily and perform better if they consume less bandwidth. Images consume more bandwidth than text. Product based websites like ecommerce portals use many times more images than text. The best solution is to compress images before uploading them to the media library. It does not reduce the quality of images. Even all the images uploaded to the media library can be compressed together to a manageable size, using a specific plug-in. If you are not a WordPress expert, you should consult a WordPress website maintenance professional.