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Pinterest is one of the leading players in the visual content market online. Not unjust to say that it is next to YouTube.com. Based on the unique idea of marketing and branding through high resolution pictures, Pinterest is an ideal platform for travel businesses. How to make it bin on Pinterest is the topic of discussion now. I have something valuable to share with you and recommend Social Media Marketing service for your travel business.

Some homework is necessary for beginners to use Pinterest in the right way. Browse the profiles of Pinterest users in your niche and check their boards to get a fair idea of what they are doing and how exactly. Check the types and quality of pictures that they are pinning. The key to their success on Pinterest is a marketing formula that you being a beginner may not crack. It entails some common practices and special tricks that facilitate interaction between boards and users.

User-friendly titles for Pinterest boards

Using Pinterest for a travel website is all about choosing appealing topics or titles to name boards. Browse and check the Pinterest profiles of some travel businesses. Suppose, you are running your travel business in the domestic markets and selling packages of tour to Indian states. If you name your Pinterest pinboards after the states or cities, it may not work as per your expectations. The titles of boards should be such as “Places to visit in summer”, “Beach destinations of India”, “Best culinary destinations for food buffs”, etc.

Tip – Pinterest has lots of marketing potential just like Facebook. Pinterest is not just another platform to upload and share your pictures. It is a virtual marketplace where promotion and branding is a fun, if done in the right way. A social media expert can better do marketing and branding of your travel business on Pinterest.com.

Image selection for Pinterest marketing

 As Pinterest is driven by visual content, to say pictures, the pictures should be high in quality. High resolution images that are used in websites and brochures work as attention grabbers on Pinterest. Users love repinning meaningful, thoughtful attractive images. With competition ranking high on Pinterest, using high-dynamic photos of tourist destinations and resorts is a recommendation. Do get photographers and illustrators in the field for the effective marketing of your travel business through eye-catching pictures on Pinterest.

Copywriting for Pinterest marketing

Pinterest provides lots of space to optimize pins or pictures with keyword-rich texts, as mentioned in the previous post titled 5 useful tips on how to do Pinterest SEO. When you pin a picture of some holiday destination, make sure to textualize the picture with some attractive details or specialties of the place. Travel enthusiasts in particular, love to know about a destination as much as possible. Adding keywords to the text of pins helps with the SEO of your Pinterest business profile.

Tip – If marketing and branding is your sole purpose of joining Pinterest, the textual copy of pins should be written by a professional SEO copy writer.  The copy must be written in a precise and concise manner touching the key aspects that your target users are curious about. A SEO or SMM copy writing expert can help you out.