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It is the quality of food service that sets the business of a restaurant rolling. Yes, you are right. And I agree with you. If your restaurant does not get noticed, how the quality food that you claim to offer will reach to more and more foodies? You might argue with me on the ground of traditional marketing such as word of mouth, hoardings, banners, leaflets, print media ads, etc. I admit that these marketing mediums still exist. But if you don’t go for a website to take your restaurant business online, you will surely lose those customers who search Internet for information on restaurants.

Hope, you know that the leading print media of India and other countries have gone online. The Times of India, the Hindustan Times, the Asian Age, the New York Times, the London Times and others have their news websites too. So you have now got the importance of a website for a business, be it restaurant or travel or clinic or lifestyle store.  Presentation comes first, and then packaging and marketing before quality food service offer.

Let me give you a more vivid picture of why a website is crucially needed for every business in general and restaurant business in particular. Zomato.com is a food directory or food listing portal. Zomato has its own restaurant search application that comes integrated with Smartphone models and iPhones. Smartphone and iPhone users are using this application to get at nearby restaurants and search for restaurants in a destination where they are travelling to.

Aren’t you losing potential customers just because you don’t have a website? You are nowhere in the competition online. If you do have business goals and are looking to achieve them, you need to be in the loop of competition. We don’t feel the zest for success; we can’t understand our stand in the market unless we compete with others. A website is the ticket to enter competition online for businesses. It is just as we fill up a registration form to participate in sports or drama.

You are definitely on Facebook. Who is not on Facebook? With more and more users adding to the database of billions, this social networking giant is growing horizontally and vertically. Facebook is going to launch its search engine, Graph Search, shortly.  The Graph Search will help the users get at a restaurant or store that is recommended by their friends. You will bite the dust in this case too, without a business website for your restaurant.

It is true that you don’t need a website to get your business noticed or recommended on Facebook.  You can create a fan page or business page in the name of your restaurant. That may help you get into the notice of Facebook users. But most of the users would like to visit your website first and then drop in at the restaurant. No more need to say that having no website affects your business negatively. A business website is like the packaging of a restaurant for marketing online.