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With the latest updates from Google putting emphasis on the importance of content, content quality is more valuable than content quantity in the present digital times. It has changed the definition of B2B and B2C content. Both B2B and B2C content types are target-oriented approaches to marketing and promoting products. Evidently, the business value of this content is a lot. Content with surface level value is of no more interest. Self-driving and openly promotional content has almost lost value in the search engine marketing or digital marketing niche. Research based professional content is taking the center stage.

Online professional content work has keyword research at the base. For any type of content development project for any purpose and in any niche, keyword research is the ultimatum. It is of a great account if the content is for virtual marketing. After all, traffic matters. Keyword research helps get a look at traffic estimates and connect with the target audience as well. Keyword research is a critical initiative to be undertaken wisely. Google Keyword Tool plays an important role in it.

Merging content marketing ideas with user-centric keywords gives good results. Keywords come first, and then content comes. Thoughts around keywords help generate ideas for super powerful content. Make a key of keyword research to unlock the potential of your content power and ideas. Treat a set of keywords as a theme and come up with ideas for content initiatives based on the theme.

Many mistake professional content for a presentation of facts. Content for professional purposes is not a mere compilation of facts and figures. It is both unlike fiction and non-fiction writing. However, the ‘appealing’ aspect of content must not be set aside. The appealing essence is added to a piece of content by striking to the emotion of target audience. The sales readiness of content must be ensured through industry research. The presentation of content and the assortment of facts must be balanced. Balanced content works wonder for landing page marketing.

Many are confused about the quality of content for marketing initiatives. Many are curious to know what the parameters of content quality are. Many are keen about what makes quality content. Content written on high levels may not necessarily be quality oriented. Quality may not be ensured event if the topic of a piece of content is great. Quality is promised only when content for a project is written in compliance with the project guidelines.

A piece of marketing content must be written to the point and as per the specifications. Excess content fails to test the patience of target audience. It must include a powerful call to action in line with the defined ROI goals of the project. It must be backed with infographic of facts that enhances the credibility of the content. Focus on the needs of the client’s business is one of the parameters of content quality or quality content.

Make sure to consult a digital marketing specialist or analyst before undertaking a B2B or B2C content initiative for online marketing.