Web Designer Sacramento

It is a misconception that the space of a web page must be used to maximum. Fresh designers are under the impression that website design looks beautiful if the space is filled with design elements, text and colors to a great extent. But the key to engaging website design is in the hands of professional designers. And, it is white space. They know the creative art of using white space to make compelling designs for websites.

The more is white space, the more luxurious is your website. Putting the brand message of a business across through design elements on a website with more than usual white space is a challenge even to professional web designers.  A brand message with lots of white space around it is like an oasis in desert. The message hooks the visitors just as the oasis draws all the attention. The more white space is around, the more emphatic the message is. Only an experienced designer can craft a smart brand message using the white space creatively.

Google and Yahoo are the supreme examples of how powerful, effective and emphatic white space is. The search box on an all white canvas is the gateway to Google’s search world, the main service of the search giant. White space leaving no room for distractions directs the user attention to the main product or service. The same strategy to grab attention and trap audience can be applied to your existing or upcoming business websites. The creative use of white space can trick the visitors into entering your website and exploring what you offer.

Smart use of white space improves the readability of websites manifold. In case of content-rich websites, white space plays instrumental in enhancing the reading experience and raising the reading comfort level. Don’t you find it repulsive to see boards and banners crammed with colorful text leaving little white space, in the market? A website or a webpage with little white space feels as repulsive as those banners in the market. Proper use of white space between a headline and a sub heading, between a subheading and the text of the body is part of creative web design.

Another major benefit of using white space is the bright look and feel of a website. If the color scheme of your website is a palette of three or four different colors, white space saves the website from looking flamboyantly colorful. We love colors, but extravagance repels us. Combined with a fair amount of white space, the colors look intense, bright, appealing and soothing. White space also highlights the color of the call to action button. It helps to direct the user attention to the call to action. No need to say how important a call to action button is.

When we land on a website, the header and the menu bar are the very things that we notice. The header, the menu bar and the search box are the main navigation gateways to the interior of a website. White space also improves the noticeability of these navigation points.