Web Designer Sacramento

Redesign is a must consideration if a website lacks appeal, conversion elements, proper information architecture, fast loading speed, search engine friendly URLs and relevance. Redesign is worth considering for search engine friendliness of websites, too. If your website ranks low on the index of search engine friendliness, make sure incorporating certain SEO features when the website undergoes a redesign. Here is a discussion on what to consider on the SEO front during website redesign:

SEO auditing

A website must be audited in SEO terms when it goes for redesign. Auditing gives a measure of how search engine friendly a website it. The auditing report enlists the SEO features that a website has and the SEO features that a website lacks. Discuss with the designer on the SEO features, missing from the existing design of the website. Site auditing helps identify SEO issues with the design. If there is any, it can be removed during redesign.

URL restructure

You may wonder what webpage URL structure has to do with website redesign. Redesign is followed by development to implement the changes. Implementing changes in design is easy with CMS based websites. If the URL of a webpage does not contain the main keyword that the content of the page is all about, consider making the URL structure search engine friendly by shortening it and using the main keyword in it during redesign.

Page loading speed

Website loading time is a must consideration during redesign. At times, technical issues with the design of a website slow down loading of the site. If the website auditing reports any such issue as reason for the slow loading of your website, redesigning is the right stage to think of it and address the issue. An efficiently designed and coded website is fast in loading. Besides, Google considers page loading speed and time for the ranking of websites.

301 permanent redirect

Using 301redirect is an important SEO consideration during website redesign. If the existing URLs of your website are changed or restructured, the old URLs must be permanently redirected to the new ones by a 301 redirect. If this SEO measure is not implemented in the redesigned website, Search Engines will consider it as content duplication which harms the SERP ranking of websites.

Tracking code placement

Placement of the analytical tracking code is worth considering during the redesign process. Place the code in the page source before launching the redesigned website. The landing pages which are meant for conversion must incorporate tracking codes.

Information architecture redesign

The harmony of content and design defines the look and feel of websites. Content is the main constituent of information architecture which is better planned in harmony with the page design of a website. If the existing content architecture of your website is not properly categorized or if there is some issue with the hierarchy of information and categorization, give it a think to restructure the information during redesign. Make sure to define categories and sub categories in sync with each other.