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Most of the times, we place users above business when the user interface of websites is being modeled. To be frank, this approach is wrong to some extent. The kind of audience is catered to, depends on your business objectives that in turn bears on the website design. List the business objectives and map the business goals first. It is the first critical need to select the demography, the market and the audience. Once these boxes are ticked on the website design plan, it is easy to think of the usability of the website. So we can see, the usability of a business website closely depends on the business objectives, not the users.

If business objectives make the first focus, the user is the second focus. Once the business goals are clear, and the business objectives are on the top of the list, take the step to choose a specific demography and define the target audience accordingly. It helps to define the user interface design of websites. Specify such details as the sex of target audience, their geographic location, their education level, their cultural traits, their behavioral psychology, their social standing, their earning level, etc.  The user interface design and usability of business websites are greatly influenced by an in-depth analysis of these details.

The third focus of website interface design is what emotions you want your website to convey. It is part of emotional branding and marketing of business. It requires brainstorming at multiple different levels. There is nothing stronger than emotional connect, which helps a lot with branding and marketing of a business website among the target groups. The user interface design must be dynamically emotional. The website designer plays the most important role in building emotional connection between the website and its audience.  Make sure to let the designer use his creative freedom as much as possible.

The emotional connect with the audience is established through the visual design of website user interface. Visual design has more or less direct influence on the credibility of websites. It emotionally drives the user to decide if they should trust a business website or not. The most critical factors of visual design are white space, layout, font size, font style, colors, logo, etc. which require lots of attention. These are the primary constituents of user interface or webpage design, which must not be ignored at all. You can get the details of each of these visual design aspects from my previous article.

Want to have a website designed for your business? Who to give more importance in website design – the business or the user? Who is the website to be designed for? How to strike a balance between the business and the audience in the user interface design of website? Which sections of the website are to be designed for the business? Which sections for the user? This article will help you to get out of the conflict between the business and the user when it comes to having a website.