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The website development phase is over. Now is the time to launch it. Are you sure about the precise usability of the website? If not, test the website from the various perspectives of usability listed and described below, before launching it. Apart from navigation functionality and cross browser compatibility, there are others functions to test about a new website. Here are the benefits of website usability testing:

Usability testing to reduce maintenance costs

Identifying issues with the usability of a website at the initial stage or on the eve of its launch will save on redesign costs. If usability problems surface later, it will not only add to redevelopment costs but also make you suffer a loss in the volume of traffic and in the number of leads. Testing the usability of websites, identifying problems and fixing them at the onset lower maintenance costs as well.

Usability testing to reduce shopping cart abandonment

Website usability testing is crucial for eCommerce portals from business viewpoint. Shopping cart is a most important feature of online retail stores. Shopping cart abandonment by users is one of the problems that may surface due to issues with the usability or functionality of eCommerce portals. Usability testing helps identify the factors responsible for shopping cart abandonment. Once it is reduced, the revenue will go up. Evidently, usability testing is a must for business websites in various niches.

Usability testing to improve responsiveness

Responsiveness of a website in terms of functionality is associated with the user’s perception of the website. It impacts the brand image too. Functional problems reduce responsiveness that, in turn, harms the marketing and branding of websites. Smooth responsiveness means good user experience. The level of user experience helps determines the brand value of business websites. If the website does not functionally respond to users, they will click away their way to other sites. Make sure to test the usability of websites and check if there is any issue with responsiveness.

Usability testing to improve retention rate

Website usability testing helps to check the user retention capacity of websites. It takes a lot to make visitors stay on the website and interact with other pages. Many visitors land on the homepage of a website and leave it immediately. It happens because of many problems – minor and major. Usability testing helps identify the reasons behind low retention of websites.

  •  Slow loading of website pages
  • Too long registration form
  • Absence of ‘Search’ box
  • Improper categorization
  • Poor landing page development
  • Static or stagnant homepage
  • Use of Flash applications
  • Broken links
  • Site errors

Usability testing to increase sales

If visitor retention is high, user experience is good, shopping cart abandonment is low, homepage design is catching and the website is responsive, sales and profits will be high. Usability testing to check issues with these factors of a website is indirectly related to sales and profits from the website.