How to Approach Your Website Redesign Process – Best Practices and Checklist

Website Redesign is a vital part of any Digital Marketing process. If you want your business to flourish then you definitely need to consider redesigning your website at some point of time to be in pace with the constant evolution of the market.

Every now and then new technologies are coming up that can simplify the process of website Redesign. However, it is must to have a close look at the best practices checklist before planning. Website Redesigning is not only useful for business owners but even for designers who need a pre-planned approach to redesign.

Website Redesign

Best Practices and Checklist

  • Justify your reason- A Redesign process involves changing the entire structure of the website and not just its look. It can make or break the entire system. Also, it is quite expensive and the results aren’t always as you are expecting. So have a proper justification.
  • Analyzing the Shortcomings– You need to check the entire usability of your site. It’s not always necessary to redesign the entire thing. Many a times only a few things need improvement so work particularly on those areas. If your page is doing great it’s better not to mess around. One can make use of various tools to track down those particular areas that needs immediate attention.
  • Analyze the Competition– You need to analyze where you stand in the market at present. You can take help of some analytics to keep a track of the number of downloads, views and other activities going on in your site compared to that of other sites. In fact it would help you give a clear picture of the past and present performances so that you may decide wisely for the future.
  • Is this the Right Time for Website Redesign? During the redesigning process your website may not work at all. So make sure to keep an eye on the traffic flow before you think of redesign. If your site sits when business is at its peak you may end up losing more than gaining.
  • Check what your user’s want- These days’ users look for the best site. If your website is slow or takes a lot of time to load that may cause your users to flee. Also, make sure you provide a great interface for your users. Try to remove those properties which haven’t been of any use in the past. It should be the one place where your customers love to visit. Make sure you have proper plans to receive customer feedbacks and initiate interaction.
  • Set proper goals- Once you have listed out the criteria’s talk it out with your team or designer. Keep your entire focus on the users. Get a quote of the amount of expenditure required. Website Redesign can be done in a number of ways so look for options and study their pros and cons along with the expenditures involved.
  • Estimate the Results- Try to estimate the results based on the Website Redesign process or option that you go for. Try to figure out the best and the worst thing that can happen at the end. Don’t forget to have a backup plan depending on the end results.

These are some of the Best Practices Checklist that you must go through before planning a Website Redesign, but it may vary with reference to your business model and target demography. If you have any questions or need a consultation, I would welcome your feedback, Call or Email.


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