Web Designer Sacramento

Website redesign is a great consideration in terms of investment. Redesign of an individual’s website costs less than that of an organization’s website. Websites of institutional organizations like schools and colleges are great virtual structures with high-tech framework behind the surface design. The more content means the more pages. The more pages mean the more complexity. Redesign entails re-conceptualization, re-structuring, re-setting and re-framing. However, redesigning the interface of an existing website is not a herculean task. It is not a kid’s game at the same time.G7NF3BXQPR4U

But, what is the need of redesign? What makes it necessary to decide on redesign? Here is the highlight on possible factors that make website redesign a must for schools and colleges:

The major factor is incompatibility between the interface of a website and the screen of mobile devices. To say precisely, lack of mobile friendliness is the most disadvantageous drawback that can be fixed only through redesign. You may wonder what the disadvantages are. The loss of potential users who hook to their mobile devices for all Internet-based activities is the greatest disadvantage of a website whose design scores zero or low on the index of mobile friendliness. It is not uncommon to see today’s school and college goers use smart phones and browse mobile Internet. If I am no wrong, the majority of this segment is the target audience of school and college websites. If lack of mobile friendliness is the problem with your website, get it fixed through redesign.

Another common problem with the interface of existing school and college websites is lack of professional look & feel. Professionalism is associated with the image, reputation and brand value of an educational institute. The website of the institute must reflect it, too. It is achieved only through the design of the interface if the right set of font sizes and font styles and colors is chosen. Every school and every college has their own guidelines when it comes to branding and maintaining individuality. The design of their official websites must be in agreement with the guidelines. If the existing website design does not conform to your school or college’s guidelines, get it redesigned at once.

Every website, be it an institute’s online presentation or an individual’s online presence, is expected to be user friendly. The advantages of a website being user-friendly cannot be denied. Lack of user-friendliness is a most negative standpoint. You may want me to define the user-friendliness of a school or college website. If every page of your website is navigable, if every anchor text navigates to the hyperlinked page, if each category is linked to the other, if the main pages are easily accessible, if there is no broken link, if social sharing tabs are at clearly noticeable, if the logo is linked to the homepage, if the content is structured in small chunks, etc. your website is uber user-friendly.

If your school or college website lacks either mobile friendliness or user friendliness or professional look, get it redesigned by a professional web designer without giving a second thought to re-investment.