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Professional websites take lots of doing in terms of design. Design itself is a technique that must be precise. It takes the harmony of expertise, experience, knowledge and practice to design websites and perfect the design in keeping with the purpose, business niche and theme. This is the arena which professional website design experts rule in. Even they can improve the look and feel of existing websites by just making a change that looks small on the surface but is very powerful behind. Here is a discussion on a few simple design tips for professional websites.

Brilliance of professional websites lies in the use of big and beautiful imagery. Brilliant imagery refers to high-resolution pictures, not just large and alluring pictures. In a few seconds, it helps the users decide if they are interested in exploring a website. The bigger is the image, the more powerful is it. A quality image of larger dimensions never fails to arrest attention. The brand website of Apple is one of the best examples of this. Needless to mention, relevance of imagery matters too.

The way logos are designed can makes a difference in the overall impression of websites. A simple logo conveys its brand message and helps to identify the business associated with it in a simple manner. Simplicity is the best logo designing principle. Using too many colors is not necessary to make logos visually appealing. What makes logos memorable is the brand philosophy behind the design. Logo must not be a patch of different colors and styles. Apple, Google, Microsoft and other global tech giants have some of the simplest logos in the world.

If the shape of edges is suitable for a website, it depends on the style of the website design. If the existing design of your website is a bit dull, it can be improved by attributing rounded edges. This simple trick can do wonder to make the site look fresh and rejuvenated. A little change like this makes a big difference.

Icons are the other important ingredients in the making of a website’s look and feel. Like logos, icons too must be simple and pretty. Give keen attention to consistence between the style of icons and the design of your website. It is not easy to ensure the harmony of different design elements on the same surface.

Flash is incomparable when it comes to style. Flash has an important role to play in web design, but its use must be limited because of some disadvantages. With flash in design, websites load slowly. Flash is a hindrance to the index and ranking of websites in search engines. Flash design elements are not crawled by search engine bots. Evidently, flash design is not indexed in the image search.

Use of thumbnails is a recommendation for professional ecommerce websites. It is a website design technique of great account. By integrating this user-friendly feature, retail shopping websites can give fast-loading images of products to customers. Even they can view a large version of product images by means of thumbnails.

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