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The latest report on the drawbacks of “thin content” from Matt Cutts, Chief Engineer at Google has raised a concern about the search engine health of websites among the owners. By thin content, he refers to insufficient and duplicate and irrelevant content. Content is the flesh and blood of websites irrespective of their niches. If there is any issue with the content of a website, the entire site is affected. Thin content is a serious problem from Google’s point of view, and it must be fixed at once.

The higher the content quality is, the better is the website health. This is the kernel of the report from Matt Cutts. Original, relevant and sufficient content is the only solution. He suggests removal of pages with thin content from websites or replacement of poor content with quality content. Think of the content, textual or multimedia, that you can add. If you are not able to compose good content, get it done by a professional writer who knows the search engine value of original content. Or, generate content from users.

To put it in details, let’s discuss what kind of content adds value to the websites of lawyers and attorneys. Gone are the days when it was enough to highlight your services in the content of your professional website. In times of competition, analytical content is stronger and more powerful than self-service oriented content. Just underlining what services you as a lawyer provide does not work any longer. Rather, focus on how your service is different from that of your competitors, how your service is useful to the target audience, how valuable your service is in the market, etc. If possible, support it with a case study. Such content is user friendly, and user-friendly content is good for the search engine health of lawyers’ websites.

School and college websites need value-driven content to avoid facing the “thin content” warning from search engines. The content giving a simple introduction of your school or college will not help. If there is ‘growth and development’ history of the institute, it will make better and stronger content. Focus on the mission, vision, values and the history of academic excellence in the content of schools, colleges and other institutes is highly recommended. The way the important facts from the school or college’s years of history are organized as well as presented in an order is crucial. Only a professional content writer can help you out.

The importance of unique and relevant content applies to medical professionals too, if they have websites. Google may not take seriously a simple introduction to their services and clinics. The content providing in-depth information about the diseases and medical solutions in their professional niches will put their websites in good terms with search engines. It is because such detailed content meets the need of potential users and provide what they should know. Do remember that user-friendly content is search engine friendly. Mere content with keywords but without essence is of no use for medical professionals.