Web Designer Sacramento

Website is the first online identity of a business or individual. Having a website is the first and foremost need for you to get noticed and operate in the virtual market. Once the website is designed, it will become a signature presentation or representative of your business or organization. It may need to be redesigned depending on value proposition, brand value and marketing standing in future. No need to say, a website is the key to unlock the door for you to realize the potential of your business or organization all over the world or in a specific geography.

The identity of a business or organization retains brand value only when it is uniquely designed. A website being the first identity requires a unique approach to be made by the designer. A unique style guide is the very first approach towards designing a brand website. Style guide development is a highly creative and professional responsibility that only an experienced designer having essential qualities and an impressive work profile can shoulder. A style guide, as the name suggests, defines the design features of a business or organization’s all virtual identities. The better the style guide, the better the design. The better the design, the better the brand identity and value.

Let me elaborate on what a style guide is and how it works. A style guide is a particular document on design features of logo, banner, brochure, microsite, website, social media page, graphic image, info-graphic, etc. for a business. All the design features and guidelines for a company are clearly defined in the style guide that the designer uses to design and redesign the brand identity online at different phases of a business or organization’s growth. Color set, font style set, and image dimensions are the most important design features, documented in a style guide. These three design features must be as innovative as possible.

With the style guide in place, it is easy to make sure harmony in the design of all virtual identities of a business. It helps to retain the brand identity of a business or organization throughout all activities, offline and online. Even slight color difference between two marketing collaterals may spoil the brand identity. The style guide helps to maintain the font style and size of the brand message consisting of captions and taglines throughout all online and offline marketing materials. The percentage of whitespace use in the design of website is also documented in the style guide.

Hope, you have got the purpose and value of a style guide for website design, branding and marketing campaigns. Hope, you can perceive the importance of the role that a professional designer plays in developing different style guides for different businesses or organizations. It takes lots of doing from an analysis of competitor websites’ designs to a study of the market or demography that a client targets for his business.

If you have any query about style guide development, or you need to have a website designed for any business or non-business purpose, I would like to hear from you and help you out.