Web Designer Sacramento

What do you understand by the content of a website? Web content is a mix of visuals and text elements. A website is incomplete without any of these components. The look and feel of websites depends on the balance between visuals and text to a great extent. The balance between these two essential components varies with the purpose and category of websites. A professional website designer uses these different elements in a right proportion.

Often the beauty of visuals outperforms the message expressed through texts if visuals are larger and stronger than textual elements. If there is no alternative to using large, expressive visuals, the use of large typography is the only solution to strike the balance. Large, expressive typography in combination with expressive visuals helps to convey the message of websites in a precise way.

Only a skilled designer knows the specifics of how to choose, use and design the right typography for the web in a stylish manner. He knows the why’s and how’s. Besides, he knows several different ways typography can be used to enhance the look and feel of websites more creatively. The way typography is used defines how creative and expressive a website can be.

The first type is print typography that is expressive and large enough to arrest the reader’s attention. It makes textual elements stand out amidst visuals. The print typography seems to speak, “Look at me”. It highlights the titles, sub titles, key sentences, message and calls to action. Mostly titles and sub titles are displayed in this typography to draw the user attention and direct it to the right place. It has evolved through various phases of development in web design. These days, online magazines, news portals and blogs are extensively using it.

Display of a message or philosophy in a precise, stylish and appealing way is very important for brands on the web. Driving the brand message across is one of the goals of a business. It helps to reach out to the target audience. Large, expressive typography boosts the impact of message and brand presence. Using large typography to display brand message also helps with user engagement and boost of relationship with clients or consumers.

The use of stylish typefaces of different sizes at the same time makes a website look tempting. What is more important is the consistency in using typefaces of two or three types. If consistency is not maintained, the look and feel of websites becomes complex. Simplicity is the best attribute of web design, and that is ensured by not using too many types of typography. Web design experts in the industry recommend the use of two different sizes of typography. One typography size looks boring, while three different sizes make things confusing.

Harmony of website elements is as important as consistency, balance, look and feel. Harmony is achieved if the typography style blends with the rest of the website. A typography style must be selected in keeping with the theme and feel of the website. The harmony of typography style and size, and images ensures visual harmony of a website.