Web Designer Sacramento

If the visitors of a website are bounced, it is measured on the basis of a specific time range. If they are dissuaded from bouncing in this time span, they are likely to stay longer. Time is economy for today’s users in the web world. They spend it cautiously. Seasoned users or internet freaks can judge the nature of a website by its content (visual and textual) in no time. The websites which add little value to the visit of newcomers in that specific time range (10-30 seconds) are left instantly. That is why professional designers recommend attention-oriented design for business websites and landing pages.

As the phrase “attention-oriented design” suggests, design is the most business-critical part of websites for corporations, schools, colleges, doctors, lawyers, professors and other professionals. They have their own target audience who attention must be arrested for possible conversions. If websites or landing pages are designed complying with the fundamental guidelines, the attention-oriented convertible design will be achieved.

A webpage or a landing page is divided into two parts. The first part is the most crucial as it features attention-grabbing areas of a website. The second or lower part is not as important as the first part. It does not require the user to scroll the page unless they find something very important. The features of the first part of the page get noticed as soon as the user land on a website or landing page. The first part should make it clear what the page is all about, what it offers, what it wants the user to do next, etc. It must be designed in such a way as to address these queries.

According to digital marketing experts, the user attention must be distributed among the important elements of landing page design from the header to the call to action. If a particular element keeps hold of the user attention for a long time, the user may not scroll to the conversion point. The user is persuaded to go through the page unless the call-to-action button comes provided the user attention is properly distributed among the major elements of design. Professional landing page designers can give it a perfect shot.

Attention-oriented design interacts with the target audience through visual communication. A business landing page may feature info-graphics or product pictures. Everything from the quality to the relevance, the size and placement of visuals matters. Here do the experience and expertise of graphic designers work. The more prominent this part of a landing page, the more powerful the visual communication. There must be unnecessary attention grabbers around the info graphic or images. Cluttering is the bane of attention-oriented design. Graphic designers make sure that design itself must not be overkill.