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To reach out to your clients strongly, it is a mandate nowadays to have a professional website for law firms. Whether you are a small two-person law firm or a large firm with hundreds of attorneys in multiple locations, it is very important to have a website, which acts as an online marketing tool for your firm. Here are a few features that your website must have to increase sitewide engagement with clients.

Professional Web Design

First, look matters! You should have a website with professional web design with easy to access from every device. More and more people are browsing through smartphones and tablets, and a frustrating mobile experience will allow users to avoid spending time on your website, so your website should have a responsive web design that can scale to different resolutions in every type of screen size. This also ensures your clients that your firm is on the cutting-edge of new technology, helping you stand out from other law firm competitors.

Sufficient Information

Design your website in such a way that you can provide your clients with sufficient knowledge about the areas you practice and the attorneys you are linked with. The main goal of your website is to allow your users to get the information they are looking for. Clients may look upon your website for practice areas, but more importantly, they are looking out for attorneys. Helping your clients find a good attorney in their specific location zone specialized in a particular practice area is all that your clients should expect from your website. So having the correct filter option of practice area/ attorney/location search tools for your website is important.

More Details on Attorney Profiles

As the whole generation has moved to social media, it is very useful to attach the links of social media websites of your attorneys in their profile on your website. If not Facebook, but at least a LinkedIn profile is necessary. This gives your attorneys a strong personality, builds their own brand, and allows them to maintain direct access with your clients.

Easy Methods to Contact

Remember an email or contact form submission is not effective in having an attorney-client relationship. It is always beneficial to allow your clients to contact you easily and quickly. Although the urgency of the need to contact is different for different practice areas, it is better to give your clients options for methods of contact. You should have a contact form for general inquiries, email addresses for individual attorneys listed on their profile pages, and a phone number of your firm in the website’s header so it appears on every page.

Client testimonials

Finally, why not use some appreciation? You can have a page for the client’s testimonials – it can be in written form or video. This will add immense trusting and credibility to your firm. Ask your clients to leave a review on your Google+ business page, which actually boosts your Local SEO ranking potential. Go ahead for creating a personal, warm, engaging look of your website as soon as possible to catalyze the business of your law firm.


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