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Keywords for businesses online are what the Eiffel Tower is for France, the Taj Mahal for India, the Statue of Liberty for the USA, and the Niagara Waterfalls for Canada. We identify the role of a business or the purpose of a website with the keywords targeted by them just as we identify tourist destinations with their iconic landmarks. Hope, I managed to make you understand the use and value of right keywords. Evidently, it is necessary to think of user-centric keywords in relevance to your business, brand, product or service.

If you are going to rebrand your online business or restructure the existing website, make sure to figure out more user-friendly, relevant and marketing-oriented keywords. Consult an SEO analyst or digital marketing professional on keyword strategy and its application for the marketing of your business website in a more powerful way.

Market research is crucial for keyword research. Market research involves your target audience as the market consists of potential users. There are many online keyword research tools to perform this task. But I am opposed to relying on these tools for keyword research. These tools are good at helping you brainstorm variations of keywords and figure out their search volumes. An online keyword research tool is just an application whose usability is limited.

You can use social media for keyword research. How? Approach your friends, followers and fans with some questions, for example, how they do search online for a business in your niche, which keywords they use in Google, which search phrases help them find out the right website that they look for, etc. It will get you a good idea of how your users search for the same businesses as yours online. This is the most feasible option for research on how users among your friends and followers search for a website like yours.

User keyword research is informational in nature. Besides the advantage, it has a disadvantage that is the difficulty to know the search volumes of the search key phrases that the users use. Commercial keyword research is inevitable, and an important phase of the SEO strategy for business websites. The commercial level of keyword research entails the use of online keyword tools such as Google Keyword Tool. The data from commercial keyword research help evaluate search volumes and the volume of traffic for the keywords to target.

Competition analysis is part of the keyword research strategy for business websites. By competition analysis, I refer to analysis of the keywords used by your competitors or business rivals. The companies or businesses that use the same keywords as yours are the real competitors. Figure out the key phrases related to their services, products, service locations and target audience.

Your competitors might use the same keywords but with a difference. For example, they might use “Software development agency” instead of “Software Development Company”, though the latter fetches more traffic than the former. Sometimes, walking the less trodden path pays off positively. So, give an analytical thought to the keyword strategy applied by your business competitors.