Web Designer Sacramento

An official website is part of the business infrastructure for organizations, whereas it is a medium for professionals to go online and make their presence on the virtual space. For organizations like schools, colleges, medical institutes and corporations, a website is a representation of their image, message, mission and vision. For professionals like lawyers, doctors, dentists and others, a website is an investment in marketing and promoting themselves. Technical accuracy of web design and development is important for both organizations and professionals. Here is a checklist of things to test before website launch:

It is a priority to test the browser compatibility and loading speed of a new website. If the website is not compatible with a particular browser, it may load slowly or may not load. It must have compatibility with multiple browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Check the loading speed of the website in each of the browser, and address the drawback if there is any.

It is crucial to test the live URLs when a website goes live. When a website is launched, the URLs of its pages should be responsive to browsers. It is easy to perform on single-page or small websites. Browse the entire website by navigating from one page to the other in order to test the responsiveness of each URL.

Validation of W3C code must be tested before website launch. If W3C code is valid must be ensured to convince the search engine spider that the website is ready to be crawled. It is simple to determine the validity using the online application, Validator.w3.org. The web developer may use any other tool for the same purpose.

If the search engine returns “Page not found” (404 occur) in response to a specific search on the website, it will turn off the visitor. It harms the credibility of websites from users’ perspective.  There must be a custom page to direct the user to the home page of the website.

The accuracy of sitemaps in both formats XML and HTML is another important thing to test during website launch. Sitemaps are useful for both search engines and users. They can find any page of a website using its sitemaps.

Check the relevance of Meta descriptions including title tags for the pages of a website. It helps the search engine spider know what the pages of a website are all about. Moreover, visitors can take a sneak peek into the content of pages displayed by search engine results.

Test the display of images used in the pages of a website. When it comes to quality, 72 dots per inch for an image are recommended. Check if the images display alt tags when the cursor hovers over them.

There are several other important things to check in a new website before, during and after the launch. Only professional web designers and developers have the complete checklist of what to test in the websites of organizations and individual professionals.