Web Designer Sacramento

Among the current web design features or trends, some are essential for business websites while some are useful for non-business websites. Despite the varying level of usefulness, most of the web design features add to the usability of websites in different niches. Here is a discussion why you make sure to have your website integrated the following four web design features.

Membership login is one of the essential website design features that an online business platform must integrate for increased usability and enhanced profitability. Membership login gives new users an option to connect with you and authorized access to some premium sections of a business online. Once they become members, it is easy for a business to convert them into customers. Businesses can easily keep in touch with registered members and sell to them whenever a new product or service is in place. Membership login is a small but powerful feature that helps to drive sales. It has become an unavoidable part of web design for online retailers, training portals, and law firms.

According to online business stats, it is a bitter truth that 90% of the new visitors will not take interest in the products or services that a business offers online. A well-designed email capture form can help to convert those odds into chances or leads for sales. It is not easy to capture the email addresses of potential users or visitors. A strong online marketing strategy or campaign needs to be brainstormed, planned and executed. However, design comes first and marketing latter. Email marketing is a powerful approach towards promoting and selling things to prospects. So email capture form must be creatively designed in order to convince potential users about the usability of your business. Check out the previous article on Importance of Subscription and Registration Form Design.

Call to action is an essential web design feature to elicit response from visitors, users, readers and prospects. Nowadays, every website owner and every blogger is making the most of it. Be the response a comment on an article or purchase of an item or a query about a product, call to action plays an important role in engaging prospects, building relationship with them and evaluating the efficacy or impact of your content. Call to action can be a comment box, a registration form, a sign up button, a PDF download link, a video, etc. It is the design that invites prospects to act on the call to action. Needless to mention, call to action design is out and out a professional task.

Text styling is part of creative web design. Gone are the days when information would matter more than design. These days, a piece of well-written content but without visual effects remains unnoticed. Text styling helps to improve readability of text. It involves judicious use of white space, contrasting color of text links or anchor text, font style, font size, etc. It requires a designer to exercise his creativity so that high-level visual effect can be achieved. Text styling draws attention to highlights in content, subheadings of paragraphs and the message or theme.