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A new year turns up with a host of new web design trends which replace some of the existing website design features in the passing year. It is the rule of the game in the web world. Keeping up with it, web design undergoes a revolutionary change or transformation in the New Year. Evidently, the same is expected to happen in 2014. Some of the web design trends that touched the heights of popularity in 2013 and then became too common to survive are the following:

Sliding banner – a most common feature 

Sliding banner has been the most catching part of web template design till date. Websites and blogs with brightly colored sliding banners are visually interactive. Popularity of this visual feature of web templates reached its peak in 2013.  Most of the existing websites, portals and blogs have sliding banners in common. It became so common that it seems ineffective in engaging users. It may come on the verge of extinction in the year 2014.

Extensive fill-out forms – a big NO

Fill-out forms for registration or contact are ‘call to action’ tools to generate leads for business. Almost every website, irrespective of purpose and niche, has a contact form. Fill-out forms are business-critical call to actions for ecommerce portals. However, such forms with multiple questions including optional areas to be filled in by potential customers are going out of use due to decreasing patience of the users. Contact or registration forms with a few crucial areas or questions will be more in use in the New Year.

Circular script logo design – say no to it 

A circle with a single letter or a full title in has been a popular logo design till date. The font of the letter or title in the circle is either filled or outlined. This cool design of logos for most of the personal and professional websites became so common that it has lost its visual appeal these days. Upcoming websites seem to steer clear of this overly used logo design in the year 2014. Get an innovative logo designed by a creative designer for your new website.

Flash intros – no more a ‘wow’

Flash intros are eyeball-grabbing features of websites. Ostentatious in design, these visual features are still found on many websites in the times when simplicity is the rule of the game in the web world. Though popular at the initial phase, animated and musical flash intros seem to be annoying now. Today’s time-conscious users don’t expect to be surprised at ‘wow’ flash intros when they visit websites for some or the other purpose.

Too many fonts spoil design

Hope, you have heard the maxim, “Too many chefs spoil the broth”. Likewise, too many (different) fonts spoil the look and feel of web design. Though it is a fun to play with multiple different fonts, web interface or page design radiates with harmony of font sizes and font styles. That is why the importance of typography in website design is undeniable. For the same reason, it is advisable to get a website designed by a professional designer having graphic design skills.

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