Role of Website Designing and Online Marketing in Corporate Branding

Website Designing

Branding is no more limited to designing a logo, banner, letterhead, etc. in current times of digital marketing. It has got a wider and more comprehensive definition. Though the usual aspects of branding are the same, the execution takes a lot more than before. Digital branding mainly comprises website design and online marketing. Here is a brief discussion on different branding aspects and how they are linked to website designing as well as online marketing.

A business is identified with its physique. The word ‘physique’ in connection with the branding of a business refers to the collective visual dimension of logo, color scheme, font style, website interface, and overall packaging. The physique of a business is the first to draw attention. Developing unique physique for your business is a craft to be accomplished by a professional designer. It should be the most recognizable aspect of branding for businesses.

The second most important aspect of branding is the personality of a business. Personality is what the physique (collective visual dimensions mentioned above) of business communicates to prospects. Personality is a brand’s character shaped and depicted by design, color scheme, writing style, different advertising materials, and likes. The brand personality of a business should be the same online and offline. For instance, Coca-Cola has a happy, playful, refreshing personality which the youth easily connects with.

Culture is the third most important aspect of branding that both physique and personality of business collectively define. Visual or textual branding of business should promote a healthy, constructive culture that target audience feels like belonging to and can benefit from. Culture is the value system and basic principles of business.

Image or identity is the fourth most important facet of branding. The brand identity or image of a business is that of its target audience, which is reflected in the design of all visual materials including logo, website interface, banners, tagline, etc. For example, a Coca-Cola drinker is identified with the easy-going personality of a communicative, adventure loving person who lives out of the shell. All visual communication materials of this beverage brand are designed accordingly to reflect this image.

Evidently, the corporate identity of a business or product is designed and developed based on its mission, vision, personality, emotion and value proposition. The vision of a business describes where the business will stand in the future and the mission describes what the business will achieve in the future. Both design and SEO go hand in hand in building the corporate identity of business as per the vision and mission.

The vision and mission of business come through when everything is executed through futuristic design and online marketing strategies. Website design depicts the vision and mission of a business, which search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and social media marketing execute by targeting a geo-specific market and demography.

Once a website with a futuristic interface is in place, well-crafted content and search engine optimization keep the ball rolling in keeping with the vision, mission, brand identity, culture, value proposition, personality and physique of a business.


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