Web Designer Sacramento

The present is the era of Internet entrepreneurs. The first step towards Internet based entrepreneurship is to have a website designed. Once a business website is designed, it requires consistent improvement of some of the essential features, which are more or less related to conversion and ROI goals of the business. Businesses can compete, survive and grow by improving the features of their websites from time to time. After all, rolling stones do not gather moss.

Membership Sign    

Membership login is one of the essential design features that business websites need to improve. This application converts visitors into members who are potential customers / clients. Gone are the days when integration of “Membership Login” button to websites was enough. The “Membership Login” area must be highlighted to draw attention. Though it is a small feature, it has huge impact which can be maximized through design tweaks.

Call to action

Competition to get attention, build credibility, earn leads, make conversions and gain return on investment has made call to action a pressing need of the hour. Most of the times, call to action is a visual feature which needs consistent improvement in design. Every product page of a commercial website and every blog post / article of an information-rich website integrates call to action, which helps to convert visits into leads. Then the sales team works to convert leads into sales. Call to action may be a “Sign up” or “Download” or Add to the Cart” or “Register for the Webinar”. It gets noticed only if it is designed in such colors and patterns which draw attention.

Email Capture Form

Stats say that almost 90% of the visitors leave a commercial website without doing business with it. Email Capture Form helps to get hold of them. Email Capture Form is another page design feature that should be experimented with in design for better visibility and higher efficacy. Capturing and building a database of email addresses of prospects is an effective means to increase the possibility of doing business with them. It helps the email marketing team to interact with them, build a relationship with them and convert them into customers / clients. Design of Email Capture Form is as important as its functionality. It is a matter of professional design with creative touch.

Text Styling

Nowadays, text styling is part of overall web page design. But it is ignored, most of the times. Valuable information often loses value if it is not presented in a structured manner and accompanied by visuals. Web page text design is equally crucial for product pages of commercial websites and blog posts / articles of information-rich portals. It helps to retain visitors and readers. The days of displaying information as a flat piece of text are gone. Flat presentation neither interests the readers nor retains them. Text styling is highly critical to increasing the popularity and readership of information-rich portals including online magazines and news websites.