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Marketing is so competitive a niche that it requires brainstorming to the highest level. The same holds true for landing page marketing. I have discussed on dos and don’ts for effective landing page design before. This post is exclusively focused on landing page design for the real estate niche.

If you consult me on the layout of a landing page for a real estate product, I must recommend a single-column layout. Definitely, you want the landing page to click with the audience and the call to action button to look prominent. This purpose is better served by a single column layout which leaves no space for clutter. The content of the landing page becomes the focus with spotlight on the call to action. Besides it helps get carried away unnecessary elements.

Why not offer something more to the target audience? I mean videos. Video is there, and video will be there in future. With video blogging emerging as the latest marketing tool, integrating a video to the landing page featuring a piece of real estate would be an informed marketing approach. The landing page video must be mobile friendly so that mobile device users can easily catch it. Video will be a good visual treat.

Create niche specific landing pages for real estate. One solution may not help deal with several problems. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and corporate blog are the platforms for marketing through landing pages. Create custom landing pages which will better fit in specific niches and respond to the audience in those niches. A landing page for Facebook may not get aligned with Twitter in terms of suitability. A landing page created for social media may now work well on a real estate corporate website. It is unlike Jack of all trades!

Cleanliness is godliness! Do you remember this saying? It applies to design too. In web design, cleanliness lies in simplicity and simplicity results in profitability. Keep the landing page look simple in design and content. Make sure to keep it far from the landing page design for a jewellery brand. Let the page display the features of a real estate property as bullet points and in easy-to-read manner.

What do you do once a customer is in? You try your best to keep the customer engaged and make him feel compelled for a purchase. Similarly, when a visitor is on the landing page, keep him hooked there. Make sure to remove all distractions which work like exits from the page. Long text, vibrant colors, unprofessional font styles, low resolution image, etc are nothing but distractions. Remember, less is more in terms of text.

Before planning, outlining or designing a landing page for real estate business, decide on what type you need. To say precisely, landing page design is of two types in general: one based on product and the other based on service. If you are a real estate property owner, go for a product-based landing page design. Or, if you are real estate agent, service-based landing page design is the option for you.