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Channelizing information is a new-age marketing formula for businesses in any niche. Do you own a Hospital or a Nursing Home and offer medical services? How do you reach out to potential patients? How do they access the service details? How do they fix up appointments with doctors in your hospital? How do they get to know about the availability of emergency services? You would say that traditional communication channels such as telephone is in place. It is a business owner’s responsibility to empower the customers or clients with multidimensional, cost-effective communication technology that is Internet. Business or service website is the most feasible Internet platform with huge accessibility. To say precisely, a hospital website is the solution to streamline the daily operations such as appointment scheduling and make all service related information available at a click of the mouse.

Feedback form integration: It is always a challenge to maintain the quality of medical services. Satisfaction of patients with the service is a key requirement for the growth of a medical business. Feedback from patients is always valuable. Integration of feedback form to hospital websites helps generate feedbacks online.

Doctors’ profiles integration: In multispecialty hospitals, various diseases are diagnosed. Obviously, doctors specializing in diagnosis of different ailments are available at these hospitals. Most patients like to know doctors’ qualifications and check their profiles before seeking appointment with them. Integrating the profiles of the doctors who offer their services at your hospital to the website helps win the trust of patients.

Service calendar integration: Empowering the target audience with the service information must be a priority with any business. A service calendar better serves this purpose for hospitals. The web calendar provides information on the availability of doctors in various departments and the dates of their availability every month. Patients can access the calendar online and check if a particular doctor is available and on which dates. Integration of a service calendar to hospital websites helps bridge the information gap between hospitals and patients.

Case studies integration: Case studies bear evidence to a business’ success in meeting challenges, providing quality service and satisfying customers. Similarly, medical case studies which are the accounts of doctors’ capabilities make a portfolio for hospitals. Many educated patients repose their trust in the profile of a hospital on the basis of case studies. If your hospital has the records of successful treatment of critical diseases, convert the records into case studies and integrate the same to the hospital website.

Email integration: Email is the fastest and easiest communication bridge between two parties. It is the most feasible solution to source queries from existing as well as potential customers, and address the queries professionally. Patients have many queries related to diseases, diagnosis and treatment procedures. They can get in touch with the hospital and its doctors to have their queries answered through emails. Email integration to hospital websites is part of the web development work.

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