Web Designer Sacramento

Technology defines online customer experience. The better the technology the better the customer experience. Online marketing of luxury brands is largely impacted by ever-changing web technology. The latest web technology is Web 3.0.  Web 3.0 is often interpreted as a new dimension of the Internet. It is in fact a technological improvement in the way computers display a website and its content. The visually enhanced display of a product and its related content on Web 3.0 supported platforms is a business-critical need for luxury brands.

Just access to the information is no more enough for the discerning customers. They want the text and images to please their visual sense. Be it the latest trend of the season, or the fashion of an era, it does not appeal to the aesthetic sense of discerning customers if the display is poor. Web 3.0 has made it possible by enhancing the quality of display in all dimensions, according to fashion merchandising professionals. A website developed using the Web 3.0 technology puts all the information about a product or service at the visitor’s fingertips.

Let’s check how Web 3.0 technology has benefitted or benefits the business of luxury brands in fashion and beauty segments. It helps brands and target customers develop an affinity with each other. Brand affinity is crucial to business development and growth of sales. Brand affinity develops when the target audience connects or engages with the products of a brand. What connects or engages them with the brand is simply the visually appealing display which Web 3.0 facilitates.

Web 3.0 drives the growth of sales through easy sharing. Social media sharing is the key to repeat sales. When a product image or information is shared hundred times across the web, it generates sales for 20-25% of the sharing. Social media sharing has been streamlined through the deployment of Web 3.0 technology in website design and development. Integration of social media with web pages has become easier with the use of Web 3.0 tools. Luxury brands have been leveraging social media for their business growth and development by means of Web 3.0 technology.

For example, if a potential customer clicks on a pair of shoes on the website of a luxury brand; he can see not only average product details but also images from different angles, click-to-buy options, social media sharing options, customer reviews, user ratings, etc. at the same time. The complete display of information has been possible due to Web 3.0 technology. The same technology has made it a lot easier to update the pages, and upload images as well as information.

It is advisable to get a website designed and developed for your luxury brand business by a professional web designer who is versed with Web 3.0 technology.