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The latest revolution in the way we interact with the web and its content is Web 3.0. It is the most powerful web technology to have transformed the web world for businesses and individual users. The wind of change that it introduced has swept across the niches – media, publishing, photography, fashion, entertainment, education, technology, social networking, travel, finance, etc. Web 3.0 has empowered them to leverage the web power through customization of user interface, sharing of content, enhancement of mobile device user experience and application of user generated content.

Web 3.0 – Mobile device user experience

Web 3.0 offers lots of adaptability which makes it possible to define and enhance the user experience of mobile gadgets. It is evident from the growing number of users relying on mobile Internet for various purposes from video watching to social networking to document editing to emailing. People remain hooked to Internet on their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Web 3.0 has made mobile devices more usable through Internet based innovative applications.

Web 3.0 – A new era of user generated content

Web 3.0 has ushered in the era of user generated content. The content generated by users helps with brand building of a product on the web. Reviews and comments fall to this category of content. Businesses are cashing in on the development of mobile applications to facilitate user engagement with their products through comments and reviews. The stronger are the applications, the higher is the user engagement. User generated content helps with the marketing of products, and to identify issues with the products for quality improvement.

Web 3.0 – Highly customizable user interface 

Web 3.0 has made it possible to develop highly customizable user interface for websites. The user interfaces designed following the trends of Web 3.0 can be customized by adding or removing some features to define the look and feel of websites in keeping with the business or non-business niches. It has made web designing a more creative niche. Using Web 3.0 tools, web designers can create customizable templates for WordPress websites and blogs. No wonder why custom themes are in demand.

Web 3.0 – Content accessibility and sharing

Content published on the Web 3.0 platforms is easy to share, like and engage with. Content sharing across the web is streamlined by easy accessibility to those platforms on all devices including desktops and mobile. Web 3.0 platforms are easy to access from any device with Internet connection. It supports content sharing which in turn facilitates user engagement and improves user experience. The experience of viewing visual content on mobile devices is to be enhanced by installation of more advanced Web 3.0 applications in the coming days.