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How important the interface of a website is for the user is evident from the term “user interface”. There is a set of professional user interface design principles which even the industry-experienced web designers follow. Here is a discussion on some of the basic UI design principles.

A user interface is the key to the inside. It gives a view of the inside from outside just as a window in a train compartment gives a broader view of the outside from inside. A user interface is the first impression of a website that works positively or negatively to interest the user. Most of the users do have a mental model of what is inside the website that they are visiting for a definite purpose. If the user interface fails to be aligned with the model on their mind, the website will lose them.

Relevance of context is a prime consideration for great user interface design. According to leading web analysts, user interface must reflect the context of websites. If the user interface design appears to be irrelevant in context, it may not be as effective as desired. The UI design must be relevant to the subject matter or content of websites. The user interface captures the relevance of context based on the designer’s understanding of the website content or business purpose.

A user-centered user interface is the interface that supports value proposition between a website and its target audience. Value proposition is the right balance between what a website delivers and what the user expects. It must be neither underestimated nor overestimated in user interface design. If the UI design promises to support a greater user value which the website content as a whole does not deliver, the website performance will be down with a hither bounce rate. Therefore, the user value of website content must not be hyped or ignored in user interface design.

The user behavior analysis is one of the supports behind the efficacy of user interface design. Though a UI designer is not expected to analyze the needs, expectations and behavior of the target audience of a business, they must take it into consideration while designing the user interface template. After all, the principal purpose of investing in website design and development is to serve the prospects of a business online. Professional UI designers make sure to meet this purpose in compliance with the user behavior analysis.

The features of a user interface of a website must not be reinvented or recreated, according to online marketing analysts. You may think where the space for innovation is, then. It is the design that can be different from that of other websites’ user interfaces in a niche for the sake of innovation. A user interface must integrate the features that the target audience expects to use, for example newsletter subscription. But it can be different in design. In web design, creativity and innovation are all about serving the user and their needs satisfactorily.